IAF fires recently-acquired MICA missiles

24-09-2016 by IANS

NK India, New Delhi, Sep 24 : The Tiger Squadron of the Indian Air Force (IAF) has successfully fired the recently acquired BVR (Beyond Visual Range) air-to-air MICA missile on a target from an upgraded Mirage-2000 aircraft, an official statement said on Saturday.

“The missile achieved a direct hit on a target which was much smaller than an actual aircraft and flying at low altitude. The target was destroyed on impact, validating the missile’s launch envelope,” the statement said.

The IAF has become one of the few air forces in the world with the capability of such missile. “The operational success of this mission confirms a critical capability of Indian Air Force,” the release said.

India purchased 450 MICAs from European missile major MBDA as part of the Mirage 2000 upgrade deal from France in 2012 for $1.23 billion. The MICA will be mounted on the 36 Rafale combat jets that India is purchasing from France, the deal for which was inked on September 23.


Original post @newkerala.com


IAF Mirages to get new MICA missiles in $1.23 bn deal – Published: January 2012 @indiastrategic.in

MICA missile


MICA is the multi-mission air-to-air missile system for the Rafale and the latest versions of Mirage 2000-5 combat aircraft. It has a high level of tactical flexibility in order to meet the most demanding operational requirements:

  • Beyond Visual Range (BVR) multi-target / multi-shoot
  • Enhanced Short Range (SR) performance
  • Maximum flexibility for multi-role / swing-role aircraft

MICA has a totally dual role. It is able to cope with both BVR and SR combat situations and exhibits very high performance in both situations. The weapon covers Beyond Visual Range situations and in addition offers 2 guidance systems with its 2 interoperable seekers:

  • RF MICA with radar seeker providing all weather shoot-up / shoot down capability
  • IR MICA with dual waveband imaging infrared seeker surpassing latest generation AAM missiles.

MICA outperforms other BVR missiles with its unique stealthy interception capability provided by its silent seeker. Source @mbda-systems.com


Missile guidance

  • Strap-down inertial reference unit
  • Active RF monopulse doppler seeker
  • Passive imaging IR seeker
  • Data-link
  • Lock-On After Launch
  • Lock-On Before Launch

Target designation modes

  • Onboard aircraft radar
  • Electro-optical sensors
  • Helmet mounted sight (HMS)
  • Autonomous lock-on from the seeker’s own IRST scans Aerodynamics and control
  • Long chord wings
  • Tail control surfaces
  • Thrust vector control (TVC)


  • High impulse
  • Low-smoke
  • Solid propellant Fuzing and warhead •

RF proximity fuze

  • Impact fuze
  • Focused splinters

Aircraft integration

  • Rail or eject launchers
  • Firing up to max g and max angle of attack

Programme references

  • More than 3,500 MICA sold to 10 countries
  • Integrated with Mirage 2000-5 series and Rafale
  • Full scale production
  • In service

Missile characteristics

  • Weight: 112 kg
  • Length: 3.1 m
  • Diameter: 160 mm
  • RF or IR guidance
  • Thrust Vector Control system
  • Rail and ejection launch

Source @mbda-systems.com

mica-0010A01133204120114103329The MBDA MICA is an anti-air multi-target, all weather, fire-and-forget short and medium-range missile system. It is intended for use both by air platforms as individual missiles as well as ground units and ships, which can be equipped with the rapid fire MICA Vertical Launch System. It is fitted with a thrust vector control (TVC) system Range Air-launched 0.2–50 km at Mach 4

Mirage 2000: Detailsmirage-2000n-fighter-jet-wallpaper-768x480



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