Royal Thai Navy Receives 5 H145Ms

22 Sep, 16, Source:

The Royal Thai Navy’s U-Tapao air base recently received its order of 5 H145M light utility helicopters. The aim is to eventually replace their ageing Bell 212 helicopters which have been in serve for 38 years. The 5 H145Ms will be used in the 202nd Squadron, Wing 2 of the Royal Thai Navy’s Air Division, reports Shephard Media.

They are painted in woodland camouflage and all have Helionix avionics, four-axis digital autopilot, a glass cockpit and night vision goggle compatibility. They will be used for missions such as search and rescue, amphibious operation support ad anti-terrorism. Weapons have not been purchased, but when funds are available, the options include a 7.6mm M134 Minigun mounted on the door, a FN Herstal HMP400 12.7mm machine gun pod, a 20mm cannon pod and 70mm rocket pod. The chin-mounted L-3 Wescam MX-15 will allow for target acquisition, reconnaissance systems and laser targeting.

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