Russian Helicopters to supply parts to Southeast Asian Armed Forces

20 Sep, 16, Source: Rostec

At the Army 2016 forum, Russian Helicopters signed supply contracts for aviation inventory for helicopters that are in service for the Indonesian Air Force and the Royal Thai Armed Forces. Also, at the expo, the top managers of Russian Helicopters met with representatives of the Myanmar military agencies.

The contract signed with the Indonesian authorities is to supply rotor blade sets for the Mi-35P helicopters that are in service in the Indonesian Air Force. Under the contract, the Russian holding is to deliver the goods in Q2 2017.

Under the contract signed with the Thai client, Russian Helicopters will supply aviation inventory for the Mi-17V-5 helicopters operated by the Royal Thai Armed Forces, including lifting rotor and antitorque rotor sets.

“Presently, the Southeast Asian market is a priority for our holding,” said Igor Chechikov, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for After Sales Service Igor Chechikov, “as demand for Russian helicopters is stable in this region. Signing contracts is an important step towards the further strengthening of our cooperation. We are ready to supply spare parts to ensure the proper operation of the Russian-made helicopters throughout their lifecycle.”

At Army 2016 expo, Russian Helicopters top managers also met with the Ministry of Defense delegation as well as representatives of the Myanmar military agencies. The forum guests were also given a presentation and received technical and commercial offers on the repair and maintenance of Mi-24P helicopters.

According to its press release, Russian Helicopters presently carries out repairs of four Mi-24P transport and military helicopters operated by the Myanmar Air Force under contracts signed in 2015. Once the work is successfully completed, the parties may sign further contracts.

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Mi-24 Hind: Detailsmaxresdefault 1

Mi-35M (Hind E): Details20160602173904


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