First prototype flight training aircraft Yak-152 rolled out

As reported, August 27, 2016 at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant JSC “Corporation” Irkut “was rolled out first completed construction of the flight prototype Yak-152 trainer aircraft (serial number 0001).

According to reports on the web-site, September 1 the first flying prototype Yak-152 began to run at the airport of Irkutsk aircraft factory, and the first flight is tentatively scheduled for September 10th. The first flying prototype training aircraft Yak-152 (serial number 0001), built on the Irkutsk aviation plant JSC “Corporation “Irkut”, in preparation for the beginning of the runs. The aircraft is equipped with a diesel engine, aviation RED A03 V12. Irkutsk, 09/01/2016 (c) by Valeriy Borz /


Yak-152 aircraft for the Russian VKS created as part started in 2014 ROC “Bird-Air”. According to the documentation on OCD, its implementation was assumed in the following stages:
1. Technical design – period up to 30.04.2014
2. Development of design documentation for the production of a prototype – a term up to 09.30.2014
3. Prototyping: two flying, one for static and endurance tests, as well as procedural simulator, a computer classroom, means of objective control – a term up to 10.30.2015
4. Carrying out preliminary tests (PI), improvement in their results and presentation to the GOP – 10.30.2015 period of up to
5. Conducting state tests – a term up to 09.30.2016
6.RKD Adjustment and revision on the results of state tests by assigning RKD letters “O1” – a term up to 25.11.2016.
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