Royal Thai Air Force debuted IRIS-T on its F-16 MLU at Exercise Pitch Black 2016 the missile is also likely to be deployed on F-5E

According to TAF

RTAF deploys IRIS-T on its F-16 MLU as it seen in Exercise Pitch Black 2016.

Before, the AIM-9M third-generation air-to-air missile is the standard close range missile of RTAF. But the purchased of Gripen saw IRIS-T deployed on the fighter.

TAF received information in 2012 indicated that RTAF planned to use IRIS-T on its F-16 MLU. This photo confirmed its existent.

In the MLU program, RTAF choose JHMCS to be used on the F-16 MLU and saw the first action in Cope Tiger 2016. So it is believed that the JHMCS will be integrated with the IRIS-T missile which is the unfamiliar configuration. Also there is a possibility that IRIS-T will be deployed on the F-5 undergoing the upgrade.

RTAF is implementing the MLU program on its last 6 F-16 from 403 sqn. and Sniper targeting pod is also on order. But it is believed that the AIM-120C7 AMRAAM still the RTAF’s standard BVR missile.

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The IRIS-T, InfraRed Imaging System – Tail/Thrust Vector Controlled, is an International initiative to replace current AIM-9L/M Sidewinder short-range, air-to-air missiles. The missile combines advanced aerodynamics and thrust vector control in a tail controlled airframe to achieve outstanding performance.


It utilizes a solid-propellant rocket motor. IRIS-T features a roll-pitch (128×128) IR seeker with �90� look angle for high off-boresight angle missile engagements. Engagements against targets in the rear hemisphere can be done successfully with the missile locked-on target after launch. IRIS-T outstanding agility is the key to successfully engage highly maneuverable advanced aircraft.

Overall, IRIS-T delivers increased agility, target acquisition range, hit accuracy, a more effective warhead and considerably improved protection against countermeasures compared with the Sidewinder missile. The mass, length, diameter and interface of the IRIS-T missile are very close to its predecessor achieving a high degree of compatibility which is a must for the IRIS-T program. During the flight tests, the IRIS-T achieved direct impact on the target even with IRCM (IR countermeasures) presence. The highly maneuverable IRIS-T missile will be integrated onto Typhoon, Gripen, F-16, Tornado, and F/A-18 aircraft. Dhiel BGT is the prime contractor for the program and Germany is the lead nation. Source

Weight 87.4 kg
Length 2936 mm / 2.9m
Diameter 127 mm
Warhead HE/Fragmentation
Impact and active radar proximity fuse

Engine Solid-fuel rocket
Wingspan 447 mm
~25 km
Flight altitude Sea level to 20,000 m
Speed Mach 3
Infrared homing
Typhoon, Tornado, F-4, F-16,NASAMS, Gripen, F-18.

Specification source

F-16: Details

F-5E Tiger II & F-5T-Tigris: Details573f64acdd3fd


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