Northrop Grumman’s T-X breaks cover

According to Combat Aircraft

Images have appeared on social media of what appears to be Northrop Grumman’s ‘clean sheet’ T-X trainer design. The images were taken today (August 19) at Mojave Airport, California, during what was reported as a high-speed taxi trial. Indeed, logs from FlightRadar 24 reveal the test.

The aircraft, registered N400NT, was manufactured by NGC’s subsidiary Scaled Composites at Mojave, and according to the FAA registry it is powered by a single F404-GE-102D turbofan engine and is known as the Model 400.

Northrop Grumman is partnered with BAE Systems for the T-X competition, to replace the USAF’s ageing T-38 Talon in the advanced flying training role. Northrop Grumman previously planned to offer the Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer but then opted to offer a ‘clean sheet’ design when the full parameters of the USAF requirement were learned.

The ‘clean sheet’ design shows clear lineage with the T-38 and indeed the F-20 Tigershark.

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