The 27th Jiangdao-class (Type 056) corvette to enter service with People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)

Another corvette joins China’s East Sea Fleet

15 August 2016
The 27th Jiangdao-class (Type 056) corvette to enter service with China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) was commissioned into the East Sea Fleet on 11 August. The principal weapons of the 1,500-tonne corvette, named Huai’an (509), are four YJ-83 anti-ship missiles, a 76 mm gun, two triple-barrelled lightweight torpedo launchers, and an eight-cell HQ-10 short-range surface-to-air missile launcher.
Huai’an is expected to be allocated to the 22nd light frigate squadron based at Putuoshan. The squadron will have four Type 056 corvettes, two of which (593 and 594) are anti-submarine warfare variants equipped with variable depth sonar.
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Type 056 class: Details


The Type 056 (Western reporting name: Jiangdao) is a mass-produced corvette class intended for operations both close to and far away from the shore. These corvettes can be used for a number of different missions.

  The first Type 056 corvette was adopted by the Chinese Navy in 2013 for the Chinese Navy. It is currently replacing a number of older patrol craft, corvettes and frigates in Chinese service. In addition, the Type 056 has been exported to Nigeria and Bangladesh.

  The Type 056 is suitable for “green-water” operations. Basically, its design (and particularly its draught) is small enough for shallow coastal service, but seaworthy and large enough for open sea patrols. Nevertheless, it is still not a true open sea ship.

  The Type 056 is fitted with a number of stealth features, although it is certainly not a stealth ship. These features include sloped surfaces and a compact superstructure.

  The Type 056 augments the Type 022 missile boats in coastal patrols and the Type 054A class frigates in open sea operations.

  The Type 056 incorporates a high level of automation, reducing crew size.

  Despite its small size, the Type 056 packs a sizeable punch. It is a competent Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) vessel with two 324 mm torpedo tubes and landing pad, but not a hanger, for a single Z-9C helicopter. This helicopter can use radar, sonar, and anti-submarine torpedoes. Also, according to some sources, the Type 056 warship has Type 87 anti-submarine rockets. The equipping of the newer variants with towed and variable depth sonars indicates that a major role, perhaps the main role, of the Type 056 Class is anti-submarine warfare.

Country of origin China
Entered service 2013
Crew 60 men
Sea endurance ?
Dimensions and displacement
Length 89 m
Beam 11.5 m
Draught 4.4 m
Displacement, standard ~ 1 300 tons
Displacement, full load 1 500 tons
Propulsion and speed
Speed 28 knots
Range 6 500 km at 16 knots
Propulsion 2 x SEMT diesel engines, generating 6 900 hp each
Helicopters 1 x Z-9C
Artillery 1 x 76-mm gun, 2 x 30-mm CIWS
Missiles 4 x JY-83 anti-ship missiles, 1 x FL-3000N launcher with 8 HQ-10 SAM missiles
Torpedoes 2 x 324 mm torpedo tubes

Type 056 specification

List of active People’s Liberation Army Navy ships: Here



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