Burevestnik remote controlled weapon station (RCWS)


6S21 is designed as an armament system for armored combat vehicles and other special-purpose vehicles used to solve the following tasks:

– reconnaissance, battlefield surveillance and target recognition using TV and IR cameras,
– engagement of point and group targets, both moving and fixed, by means of 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine-guns from short halts, on the move and on the float

Source burevestnik.com

Base version

6C21_01Image @burevestnik.com

Version 02

6C21_02Image @burevestnik.com

Version 03

6C21_03Image @burevestnik.com

Remote-controlled turret 6S21 developed in JSC “Central Research Institute” Petrel “.” The forum “Engineering Technologies 2014” corporation “NPK” Uralvagonzavod “presented to the public turret 6S21 in two versions. It can fire from 7,62- and 12.7-mm machine guns. Target detection and battlefield surveillance carried out by means of television and Thermal imaging devices.

Purpose UT 6S21:

Armament armored and other special purpose vehicles with the purpose of the following tasks: – exploration opponent, battlefield surveillance and detection through thermal imaging, and television purposes sight channels; – fire damage by a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun single and multiple moving and fixed targets with short stops, descent and afloat.

6S21_11Image @nevskii-bastion.ru


Combat module:

– gun with the system of ammunition

– the cradle to the mechanism of remote arming gun

– drive mechanisms for vertical and horizontal guidance

– the basis

– turntable

– stops the vertical and horizontal guidance

– sight (MTD / MTTD)

Operator, located inside the machine body:

– digital panel gunner – gunner control

6S21_10Image @nevskii-bastion.ru


Gunner Panel:

– high-quality display of video from sight HD-SDI output format (SMPTE292V) or GOST 7845 – ballistic computer with automatic calculation with the elaboration of aiming angles and amendments

– interaction with MIS machines interfaces the CAN 2.0 We do, the RS485, the Ethernet

– Diagnosis elements 6S21

Image @nevskii-bastion.ru

Tele-thermal sight “MTTD” horizontal version


– detection of targets by day and night, including in difficult climatic conditions at a distance of 5000 m

– digital precision aiming;

– measurement of the target range;

– the transfer of video on HD- Protocol . SDI

Control unit:

– drives the management guidance (BH, GN)

– sensor management (ammo count, encoders VN and GN)

– powered battle module electrical

– power elektroosnascheniya gun

– working areas of fire ban

6S21_08.jpgImage @nevskii-bastion.ru

Remote Gunner:

– quality management module combat arms

– high-precision digital signal processing and integration into the OMS combat the CAN protocol module

6S21_05Image @nevskii-bastion.ru

FEATURES execution type UT 6S21

• 01 – the possibility of rapid disassembly and dismantling

• 03 – loading ammunition inside the machine without logging out

6S21_09Image @nevskii-bastion.ru

Posted 23 Июля, 2016 года © A.V.Karpenko 2013-2015 / AVKarpenko 2013-2015 Source nevskii-bastion.ru

Main technical data

6S21 RCWS version 00,01 02 03
Machine-gun: caliber/index 12.7mm Kord MG 7,62mm PKTM tank MG
Ammunitions in one belt, ready to fire, pcs up to 200 up to 500 up to 320
Max weight with a machine-gun

(w/o ammunitions), kg

230 200 185
Elevation / Traverse, deg -5(15)* to 75 / 360
Elevation / Traverse aiming speed, deg/sec 0,03 to 40 (60)* / 0,03 to 40 (60)*
Weapon stabilizer no (installation is possible)*
Remote cocking yes, multiple
Sight unit CAM/(CAM1*) CAM1(CAM*)
Hydro-pneumatic cleaning of the sight

shield glass

no no (installation is possible)*
Dimensions (max), mm:

– height

– width



(w/o ammo box)



(w/o ammunition feed chute)

Diameter of seat flange, mm 500 750
Power consumption, kW

– nominal up to 0.8

– short-time overload mode

up to 0.8

up to 2,4

*- optional CAM – TV camera + Laser Range-finder (LRF) CAM1 – TV / IR camera + Laser Range-finder (LRF) Source burevestnik.com

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