Daily Archives: July 20, 2016

ACŪLEŪS Laser Guided (LG)

The ACULEUS LG warhead has been conceived to limit the collateral damages to a 20 meters  radius. The projectile is able to destroy light vehicles of the pick-up type (and all the on board fighters) and to damage, or to neutralize, light armoured vehicules, static or on the move.

Able to be shot from all type of aircraft, the ILGR has to be considered as “an additional arrow in the quiver” , allowing (finally) to interveine with close fire support in the immediate vicinity of friendly troops in contact, as well as to the benefit of friendly fighters (and/or of hostages) imbricated with an adversary.

More important still, this new weapon could be employed in the framework of combats “within the population”, as well in strongly urbanized zone, in the heart of villages and the most isolated hamlets, or around sensitive installations, the destruction of which would engender humanitarian or environmental disasters. Source @tda-armements.com

Laser-guided Rocket For the French Army

TDA has developed and conducted live firings with a new-generation rocket launcher for the latest generations of combat aircraft such as the Rafale from DASSAULT AVIATION.

The TELSON 12 JF (Jet Fighter) rocket-launcher is designed for induction-activated rockets and is ideally suited to close air support missions.

The future Induction Laser Guided Rocket (ILGR) will provide a precision strike capability out to 10,000 metres, beyond the range of the most common MANPADS threats. Source @tda-armements.com