Indonesia begins sea trials of first SIGMA 10514 frigate


18 July 2016
Raden Eddy Martadinata seen here in March 2016 alongside PT PAL’s shipyard in Surabaya. Source: IHS/Ridzwan Rahmat

Key Points

  • Indonesia has begun sea trials of its most complex indigenously assembled warship to date
  • The platform is on track to be delivered to the Indonesian Navy in January 2017

Indonesian state-owned shipbuilder PT PAL has begun sea trials of the country’s first SIGMA 10514 Perusak Kawal Rudal (PKR) guided-missile frigate on order for the Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Laut, or TNI-AL).

The vessel, which will be the future KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata (331), began its sea trials in the week starting 11 July in waters off Ujung, Surabaya. The trials included a speed test, a crash stop test, and turning manoeuvres, the company told IHS Jane’s on 18 July.

Raden Eddy Martadinata was launched by PT PAL on 18 January at the company’s shipyard in Surabaya. The frigate is one of two platforms being constructed jointly by Dutch shipbuilder Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) and PT PAL under a contract signed with the Indonesian Ministry of Defence in June 2012.

According to specifications provided by PT PAL, the PKR frigate has a standard displacement of approximately 2,400 tonnes, can accommodate a crew of 120, and it can hold a 10-tonne helicopter on its flight deck. The platform has a top speed of 28 kt, a maximum range of 5,000 n miles at 14 kt, and a standard range of 4,000 n miles at 18 kt.

Raden Eddy Martadinata ‘s weapons include an Oto Melara 76 mm main gun, launchers for MBDA MM40 Exocet Block II anti-ship missiles, six (two triple) Eurotorp B515 torpedo launchers, the Rheinmetall Defence Millennium 35 mm close-in weapon system, and a 12-cell vertical launch system that can deploy the MBDA VL-MICA surface-to-air missiles.

The weapon systems will be completed with a modified version of Thales’ TACTICOS combat management system.

The platform is on track for delivery to the TNI-AL in January 2017, said PT PAL.

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KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata (331)


Sensor suite

The SIGMA 10514 PKR incorporates STIR 1.2 Mk2 electro-optical (EO) fire control system, identification friend or foe (IFF), KINGKLIP hull-mounted sonar, SMART-S Mk2 3D multibeam surveillance and a target indication radar.

Frigates also feature a LINK-Y datalink, an integrated internal and external communication system and extensive air, surface and sub-surface surveillance capabilities.

The onboard Tacticos combat management system designed by Thales integrates the ship’s sensors, weapons and other equipment to provide real-time situational awareness.

The frigate’s nautical equipment includes two radars, global maritime distress and safety system A3 (GMDSS-A3) and a reference gyro.

Propulsion of the guided-missile frigate

The combined diesel or electric (CODOE) propulsion system consists of two 10,000kW maximum continuous rating (MCR) diesel engines, two 1,300kW electric motors, two double input / single output gearboxes, and two 3.55m controllable pitch propellers.

Auxiliary units include six 715kWe generator sets, a 180kWe emergency generator set, two redundant distribution chilled water systems, degaussing and fire-fighting system with four main and one service pump.


Dutch firm gets green light for military exports to Indonesia

June 5, 2013

The cabinet has given the green light to a Dutch firm to export frigate parts to the value of €345m to Indonesia, the NRC reports on Wednesday. The company, which was not named in the parliamentary briefing, will make the deliveries via a shipyard in Romania and another in Indonesia, the NRC said. The ships themselves will be built in those countries. This procedure, says the cabinet, does not conflict with European Union criteria on weapons exports. Last year, the planned export of tanks to Indonesia was cancelled after a majority of MPs said they were concerned about the human rights situation in the former Dutch colony.




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