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Embraer KC-390 tanker tests Cobham aerial refueling system

Embraer Defence and Security has achieved a significant milestone in the KC-390 tactical military tanker and transport aircraft program by demonstrating the Cobham aerial refueling systems installed in KC-390’s prototype 001.

Configured as a tanker for the first time, a KC-390 test aircraft fitted with Cobham 912E wing-mounted pods completed a series of successful flight trials in May 2016.

Operating from Embraer’s Gavião Peixoto facility in Brazil, the flights involved hose stability and trail and rewind tests with both high speed and low speed drogues fitted.

The 912E pod is a customized design solution utilizing the latest technology for the KC-390 to meet the aircraft’s high performance criteria including its ability to satisfy a wide number of receiver aircraft at extended ranges. The Brazilian Air Force is the launch customer for the aircraft, which is scheduled to enter service in 2018.

July 15, 2016

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Embraer KC-390: Details

Cobham 912E Wing Air Refuelling Pods

The fourth generation 900E series pod family represents the most proven solution in probe and drogue air refuelling in operational service today. The advanced features of the 900E series pod provide high levels of performance and flexibility in support of the modern war fighter


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Key Features

  • Highly automated pod using advanced digital management
  • Exceptional refuelling speed range
  • Digital Control System provides flexibility to configure and optimise for any tanker/ receiver fleet
  • Multiple hose-length options up to 90ft trailed
  • Low weight and low drag
  • Simple and flexible interfaces
  • System architecture qualified and proven for helicopters and fast jet refuelling
  • Ease of maintenance provided by: – Comprehensive “Built in Test” – ‘On Condition’ Line Replaceable Units – Quick Access Panels

900E Series Pod

Flow rate Up to 450gpm

Weight Circa 1350lbs (612kg) dry

Hose length Up to 90ft (27.5m) of 2.2in (5.6cm) bore diameter hose

Delivery pressure Operator selectable up to 50psi

Platform integration 902E – AFSOC MC-130H

904E – Royal Swedish Air Force C-130E, C-130H

905E – Royal Australian Air Force Royal Air Force UAE Air Force Royal Saudi Air Force A330MRTT

907E – German Air Force (Luftwaffe) A310 MRTT

907E – Canadian Forces A310 MRTT 

909E – Omega KDC-10

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