Argentine electronic warfare aircraft breaks cover


14 July 2016

Pictures of the Argentine Air Force’s Learjet 35A were released earlier this month, depicting an aircraft modified specifically for countering electronic warfare.

Argentina has not has such an aircraft since retiring the Boeing 707 VR-21.

The Air Force acquired the 35A in 2013 and contracted Avcon Industries to make the necessary modifications to allow installation of a Thales Vigile 200 electronic support system.

Other modifications include tanks on the wingtips so antennas could be fitted, compartments and new wiring for antennas, a radome on the tail, and structural changes for delta wings to achieve better stability and efficiency.

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Argentine Air Force’s Learjet 35A

t-22-fuerza-area-argentina-learjet-35a_PlanespottersNet_361878Buenos Aires – Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP / SABE), Argentina 03 February, 2013 Image

Installation of a Thales Vigile 200 electronic support system

12/02/2014 ( Montevideo -. Through direct purchase by Speciality No. 58 of 2014, the Argentina Air Force has hired the company Avcon Industries Inc. to undertake the necessary structural modifications that allow installation in the Learjet 35A enrollment


VR-24, an ESM Thales Monitor 200 system, which was acquired earlier. The tasks to be accomplished in Argentina, include modification and installation of the tanks of the wingtips creating watertight compartments for antennas, a radome of tail, wiring from antennas to the warehouse where the equipment data processing are, relocation of antennas that can hinder new equipment and structural modifications / facilities necessary for adapting Delta Fins, to improve stability and efficiency of the aircraft. the Thales Monitor 200 is a RESM system (Radar Electronic Support Measures) detection usually installed on naval platforms for detection radars operating between 0.5 and 18 GHz with a 360 – degree coverage. gp / CEH Photo: Thales. Source

23388415419_a320671c79_bImage @Javier Parigini Bombardier Learjet LJ-35A | by ..Javier Parigini

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