LockMart explores Adaptable Weapons Kit for S70i Black Hawks


12 Jul, 16, Source: LockMart

Lockheed Martin is exploring options to bring its weapons integration expertise to bear on the European-built S-70 BLACK HAWK helicopters made by Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company. The goal is to produce an armed kit scalable to the requirements of customers that procure International BLACK HAWK aircraft direct from Lockheed Martin.

“Last year’s acquisition of Sikorsky by Lockheed Martin has widened the aperture of possibilities for arming the BLACK HAWK helicopter,” said Bill Gostic, vice president, Sikorsky Global Military Systems & Services. “Lockheed Martin brings integration expertise that will allow us to customize an armed configuration — for defensive or offensive operations — to the specific preferences of current and future BLACK HAWK customers, and with weapons of their choice.”

During the ongoing Farnborough International Airshow, Lockheed Martin is displaying outside its pavilion an armed BLACK HAWK aircraft manufactured at Sikorsky’s PZL Mielec factory in Poland, and with the cockpit section manufactured at Aero Vodochody in theCzech Republic. The display represents the types of weapons Lockheed Martin can integrate onto the medium-lift military utility platform that’s renowned for its multirole capabilities.

Armed external wings on either side of the displayed aircraft feature a total of four weapons stations, with launchers for a mix of Hellfire™ and DAGR™ air-to-ground missiles, a 19-shot Hydra-70 rocket pod, and an FN HERSTAL Belgium manufactured machine gun pod. For laser designating of a future weapons system, the aircraft’s cockpit chin features the INFIRNO™ sensor system.

Crew-served weapons inside the displayed aircraft include an FN HERSTAL 50-caliber (12.7mm) machine gun mounted to the cabin floor, and window-mounted 7.62-mm mini-guns. The mini-guns can also swing into a fixed forward firing position operated by the pilot.

Depending on the chosen weapons configuration, the cabin will seat troops for a combined armed assault, fire suppression and support mission. Alternatively, the cabin can store additional ammunition for the guns and rocket pods, and an internal 200 gallon auxiliary fuel tank system for extended range and endurance.



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DAGR™ air-to-ground missile


The 2.75-inch/70mm DAGR missile is a precision-strike, multi-role, multi-platform munition that effectively neutralizes lightly-armored and high-value targets close to civilian assets or friendly forces. DAGR offers strike capability with the reliability of a HELLFIRE II missile while further limiting collateral damage.

The DAGR system puts HELLFIRE II missile and Joint Air-to-Ground Missile technology in a 2.75-inch guidance section that integrates seamlessly with legacy Hydra-70 rockets. Like HELLFIRE, DAGR offers lock-on-after-launch (LOAL) and lock-on-before-launch (LOBL) capability, target handoff, enhanced built-in testing on the rail, and laser coding from the cockpit. The result is a laser-guided missile that offers capabilities beyond those of a simple guided rocket.


DAGR has proven itself in over 30 successful guided flights, launched from such rotary-wing platforms as the AH-64D Apache, AH-6 Little Bird and OH-58 Kiowa Warrior. And every DAGR target strike has hit within 1 meter of the laser-designated aimpoint. The seeker’s ±8 degree field of view provides a large engagement envelope, enabling DAGR to acquire and launch at targets off-axis, maintain contact with a laser spot in high winds while in flight, and zero in on pop-up or moving targets.DAGR is compatible with digital smart launchers—ready to integrate with HELLFIRE systems today and modernized rocket launchers tomorrow. DAGR missiles can also be launched from legacy or modified M260/M261 launchers.


Image @defenceindustrydaily.com

The DAGR rail-mounted canister (RMC) mounts to HELLFIRE-compatible digital and analog launchers (e.g., M299/M310 and M272). The RMC readily integrates with all HELLFIRE platforms, including unmanned aerial vehicles and Apache, Kiowa, Little Bird, Cobra, and Tiger helicopters.

Plug-and-play HELLFIRE II compatibility allows aircrews to mix loadouts between HELLFIRE and DAGR missiles on the same launcher, providing the flexibility to meet any challenge on an ever-changing battlefield. When increased loadout or reduced weight is a must, DAGR delivers. @lockheedmartin.com

19-shot Hydra-70 rocket pod


FN HERSTAL Belgium manufactured machine gun pod


Image @fnherstal.com
  • Specially-Designed Machine GunThe .50 cal FN® M3P machine gun has been especifically designed by FN Herstal for airborne applications.
  • High Hit Probability

    A high rate of fire guarantees short time on target (1,025 +/- 75 RPM, per pod, adjustable)
  • Improved Accuracy and SafetyThe FN® M3P machine gun features a Flash Hider and is installed on a soft mount that absorbs most recoil forces for increased accuracy.  
  • Accurate suppressive and defensive fire against troops up to 3,000m
  • Suppressive fire against light armored vehicles up to 1,000m (.50 cal APEI round)
  • Ignition of fuel tanks and containers up to 2,500m (.50 cal APEI round)
  • Aerial threat suppression (.50 cal APEI round)

Data @fnherstal.com 

FN HERSTAL 50-caliber (12.7mm) machine gun mounted to the cabin floor


Image @technowinki.onet.pl

The M3M is a .50 caliber (12.7mm) machine gun suitable for rotary-wing aircraft applications manufactured by FN Herstal of Belgium. This .50 caliber machine gun provides suppressive fire to counter light armored vehicles, support fire in landing zones, ground and aerial threat suppression, and training. Its short time maximum firing rate is 1,100 rounds per minute or 600 rounds in a single burst against targets at ranges of over 2,000 meters. The weapon’s design with the hands on the pintle and an elastic craddle (recoil forces absorbed) allow for high accuracy. The weapon system is provided with ammunition boxes with the capacity ranging from 100 rounds (14.4 kg) to 600 rounds (96.4 kg).

In January 2004 the US Navy awarded FN Herstal a contract for the procurement of 136 M3M .50 caliber machine guns and 24 spare M3Ms. The new weapon system was designed the GAU-21 and was slated for use by the US Navy and the US Marine Corps rotary-wing aircraft assault groups. In September 2006, the US Navy awarded a $22 million contract to FN Herstal for 519 GAU-21 weapon systems with related equipment and services.

The GAU-21 specifications are as follows: firing rates of 1,000 rounds per minute, barrel life of 10,000 rounds, the ability to use 100, 300 and 600 round ammunition cans, compatibility with all NATO .50 caliber ammunition, and the capability of dismounting the machine gun by a person within 2 minutes. The US Navy and the US Marine Corps plans call for integration of the GAU-21 machine gun on the following platforms: CH-53 (rear ramp), CH-46, H-60, UH-1 and MV-22 aircraft. @deagel.com

7.62-mm mini-gun





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