Textron Airborne Solutions to provide combat training for US military forces

Rapid Fire | Monday, July 11, 2016, 00:59

Textron has rebranded Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC) as Textron Airborne Solutions . The new company will use its private fleet of older fighter jets and experienced former military pilots to provide combat training for US military forces. Russ Bartlett, president and chief executive officer of the new unit said that “Textron would help ATAC expand the existing market and look for new opportunities in areas such as basic pilot training, and training for ground-based troops that call in air strikes.”


Textron sees growing demand for air combat training services

Thu Jul 7, 2016 9:32pm EDT

ATAC aircraft type



Engine: GE J-79 18,000 lbs A/B
Max Speed: Mach 2 / 750 KIAS
Max Range with 2 Tanks: 1,550 NM
G-Limits: +7.5 g / -3.5 g
Ceiling: 55,000 ft
Max Climb Rate: 30,000 + fpm
Payload: 16,000 lbs on 9 hdpts
Corner Velocity: 360 KIAS
Loiter: 1.5 hr on station



Type: Mk-58 Hawker Hunter
Max Speed: 525 KIAS
Max Rng: Over 1300 NM
G-limits: +7.0g / -3.0g
Ceiling: 48,000 ft
Max Climb Rate: 16,000 + fpm
Endurance: 2.8 Hrs



Ceiling: 36,000 MSL
Max Speed: 490 Knots (Mach 0.80)
Max Climb Rate: 4,130+fpm
Max Endurance: 3.8 hours
Payload: 2,500 lbs on 4 hardpoints
G Limits: +8.0 / -4.0
EA: Pods

Aircraft data atacusa.com

ATAC website: Here


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