India, Russia to invest $4 billion each in final phase of 5th-generation fighter creation


July 11, 14:23 TASS

India is finally taking forward the negotiations with Russia on stalled projects to jointly develop a futuristic fifth-generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) as well as upgrade its existing Su-30MKI jets

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Clever aren’t they the project is finish everything is done!


“Though India and France are now close to inking the estimated €7.8 billion deal for 36 Rafale jets, the Defense Ministry acknowledges that just 36 fighters will not be enough to stem the country’s hemorrhaging air combat power. The IAF is down to just 33 fighter squadrons – including 11 obsolete MiG-21 and MiG-27 squadrons slated for retirement – when at least 42 are required to keep the “collusive China-Pakistan threat” at bay.

The “multi-pronged strategy” to progressively crank up airpower ranges from inducting the indigenous Tejas light combat aircraft to exploring a second line of fighter production in the country, with the American FA-18 and F-16 as well as Swedish Gripen-E already in contention for this proposed ‘Make in India’ project, The Times of India writes.”

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