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BK-16 High-Speed Landing Craft

Russia’s Kalashnikov company, makers of the world-famous AK-47 assault rifle, has begun deliveries of their first transport and amphibious assault boats for Russia’s special forces, the TASS news agency reported Wednesday.

The company unveiled its boat designs last year at the International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg as part of the company’s efforts to diversify its product line. Known as the BC-16 and BC-10 landing craft, the new boats mark a significant departure from Kalashnikov’s traditional experience as a small-arms manufacturer.

“In 2015, the boats successfully passed the tests of the courts and were adapted to fit the technical requirements of the Russian army. Our boats’ equipment is in no way inferior to foreign models,” company director Alexey Krivoruchko said in a statement.

The BC-16 is capable of speeds up to 42 knots and can travel at least 400 miles with a manned crew of two and up to 19 passengers. The BC-10 is capable of 40 knots with room for 12 onboard.

The boats are able to carry out specialized tasks such as the high-speed delivery of troops, fire support, and patrol, sabotage, and anti-sabotage operations.

The purchase is part of a Kremlin effort to modernize Russia’s military. Snap exercises for military outposts all over Russia were carried out last month.

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BK-16 is a high-speed, multi-purpose amphibious landing craft developed by Russian firearms manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern, for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

The landing craft is intended for a variety of missions such as coastal area patrol, personnel transportation, coastal landing operations, fire support, counter-piracy, counter-terrorism, medical evacuation, assistance to vessels in distress, and other special operations.

A model of the BK-16 was exhibited at the Army 2015 International Military-Technical Forum held in Russia in June 2015.

Furthermore, the landing craft’s ability to launch and retrieve an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was demonstrated during the International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS 2015) held in St Petersburg, Russia, in July 2015.

BK-16 multi-purpose landing craft design and features



The hull and superstructures of the landing craft are made from AMg alloys. The vessel has a length of 16.45m, width of 4m, a draft of 0.87m, and a height 4.33m from the waterline. It has a crew of two members and can accommodate up to 19 personnel.






The vessel is operated and controlled from a bridge located on the upper deck. The bridge features large windows with wipers to provide operators with 360° view.







The crew enter / exit the bridge through the rear door, while two hatches are provided for emergency exit.


The front section of the upper deck facilitates launch and recovery of light reconnaissance UAVs such as ZALA 421-16EM developed by Kalashnikov Concern’s subsidiary ZALA Aero Group. The UAV provides increased situational awareness and the ability to engage targets effectively over land and sea.

ZALA 421-16EM


The range of video / radio channel of 25 km / 50 km

Flight duration 2.5 hours

Wingspan UAV 1810 mm

The length of the UAV (without CN) 900 mm

Maximum altitude 3600 m

Running the handle

Rise Elastic Catapult

Landing Parachute / network

Engine Type Electric pusher

The speed of 65-110 km / h

Maximum take-off weight of 6.5 kg

Mass target load of 1 kg

Navigation INS-corrected GPS / GLONASS, electronic telemeter

Target loads type “+ 16E”

Additional CN Integrated camera 16 megapixel

Glider Two removable console and fuselage

Battery 21000 mAh 5S

The maximum allowable wind speed of 15 m / s

Operating temperature range -30 ° C … + 40 ° C

Built-in automatic tracking

Unmanned aircraft medium-range with an automatic control system (autopilot), a navigation system with inertial correction (GPS / GLONASS), built-in digital telemetry system, navigation lights, built-in three axis magnetometer module retention and active target tracking (AC unit), digital integrated camera, digital broadband video transmitter C-OFDM-modulation radio modem with the receiver SNA to operate without the SNS signal (electronic telemeter), the self-diagnosis system, a humidity sensor, a temperature sensor, a current sensor, sensor propulsion system temperature, unhook the parachute, the protective element ( visor) payload and search the transmitter. Source zela.aero

Zala 421-08M


Radius Video / Radio Channel 15 km / 25 km

The flight duration of 80 minutes

Wingspan UAV 810 mm

UAVs length 425 mm

Maximum altitude 3600 m

Running For housing UAV

Rise Elastic Catapult

Landing Parachute / network

Engine Type Electric pulling

The speed of 65-130 km / h

The maximum take-off weight 2.5kg

Mass target load of 300 g

Navigation INS-corrected GPS / GLONASS, electronic telemeter

Target loads type “08”

Glider whole wing

Battery 10,000 mAh 4S

The maximum allowable wind speed of 20 m / s

Temperature range -30 ° C … + 40 ° C

Built-in automatic tracking

Drone tactical range with an automatic control system (autopilot), a navigation system with inertial correction (GPS / GLONASS), built-in digital telemetry system, navigation lights, built-in three axis magnetometer module retention and active target tracking (AC unit), digital integrated camera, digital broadband video transmitter C-OFDM-modulation radio modem receiver with SNA <diagonal AIR> to operate without the SNA signal (electronic telemeter) system samodiagnosti and unhook the parachute and search the transmitter. Source zela.aero


The passenger compartment in the lower deck seats up to 18 members and is equipped with two windows on both sides. The engine room located at the aft of the lower deck is accessed from the upper deck through two hatches.

Armament of BK-16 landing craft



The BK-16 boat can be equipped with Modul Boyevoy Distantsionno Upravlyaemiy (MBDU) remote weapon station (RWS), which is manufactured by Kalashnikov Concern.

Gun carriage options for the MBDU weapon station include a 7.62mm machine gun, a 12.7mm machine gun, AG-17 30mm automatic grenade launchers and 40mm grenade launchers.

MBDU Kalashnikov is remote controlled weapon station

MBDU can be fitted with one of four types weapons: 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun; 30 mm AG-17 AGL; or new designed 40 mm grenade launcher.

It has a two-axis gyro-stabilizing device and an automatic target tracking system and can memorise 10 static targets. It has the equivalent of Level III STANAG 4569 armoured protection against 7.62 x 54 mm armor-piercing bullets fired from the SVD sniper rifle or PKM machine gun.

The MBDU’s traverse arc is 360°, and the rotating speed is 60° per second. The module is equipped with cameras, which has wide and narrow fields of view, a laser range-finder, and filters for image-quality enhancement. Its maximum target acquisition distance is 2.5 km.

Source army-guide.com

The boat can also be armed with Kornet anti-tank guided missile system and mine countermeasures.

Kornet E Anti-Tank Missile: Details

Fire control

The MBDU remote weapon station features a two-axis, gyro-stabilised sighting device equipped with surveillance cameras that have a wide and narrow field of view (FOV), automatic target tracking system, and laser rangefinder.

he MBDU module is also fitted with filters for image enhancement and can acquire targets over a distance of 2.5km and memorise up to 10 static targets. It has a horizontal travel angle of 360°, a vertical travel angle between -20° and 70°, and angular velocity of rotation of 60° a second.

The weapon station offers armoured protection against 7.62x54mm armour-piercing bullets from the SVD sniper rifle / PKM machine gun up to Level III STANAG 4569 standard.



Sensors onboard BK-16 landing craft

The landing craft is equipped with navigation and communications systems, a loud speaker, search lights, antenna mast, and radars for improved surveillance and target acquisition.



Propulsion and performance


Powered by two 780hp engines, the landing craft has a maximum speed of 42kt and an economical speed of 30kt. It can cruise over a distance of 400mi and endure for up to 24 hours.






Hull design:

Sea Tech Ltd.


Rybinsk Shipyard, 2014
Length overall /hull, m 16,3 /15,0
Breadth, m 3,8
Overall height up to nonremovable parts, m 3,35
Draft, m 0,9
Displacement, t 20,5
Speed cruise/max, kn 20/40
Rangeml 400
Capacity, pers. 18+2(crew)
Material ALU

Specification seatech.ru

Source naval-technology.com

Images are from Kalashnikov unless otherwise stated

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