India, Vietnam step up talks on arms sales, defense collaboration

Source: Xinhua   2016-07-02 21:05:48

NEW DELHI, July 2 (Xinhua) — India and Vietnam are stepping up talks on Hanoi’s procurement of Indian missiles, gunboats and torpedoes in near future, said local media Saturday.

The Economic Times said India is “firming up” several military contracts with Vietnam, including selling the Brahmos short-range missiles, modernizing two Russia-made Vietnamese frigates for anti-submarine roles, and building 10 new patrol boats for Vietnamese Coast Guard, besides discussing the provision of a high speed heavyweight torpedo “Varunastra”, which was inducted to Indian Navy this week.

Both India and Vietnam have been traditionally the receivers of Russia-made arms, sharing similar defense equipment systems.

The Times of India said India and Vietnam are also engaged in joint training of Kilo-class submarine sailors and pilots of Sukhoi 30 MKI combat aircraft.

Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar discussed with Vietnamese officials expanding cooperation in defense affairs during his visit to Vietnam last month, especially arms purchase by Hanoi from New Delhi.

India also intends to sell its arms to some other Southeast Asian nations like Indonesia and the Philippines, according to the newspaper.

Editor: Zhang Dongmiao


Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia will be at an advantage as they can apply it to both sea and air platform.  

Vietnam already posses the Russian supersonic cruise missile Club-S 3M-54E that can be fired from their Kilo Class according to


Length [m] 8.22
Diameter [m] 0.533
Launch Weight [kg] 2,300
Maximum Range [km] 220
Speed [Mach] Depends on flight mode
Subsonic Mode: Mach 0.6 – 0.8, Supersonic Mode: Mach 2.9
Warhead Weight [kg] 200
Control System Inertial + Active Radar Homing
Flight Path Low-Flying


Brahmos being fired from test platform underwater


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