Russia Hands Egypt Keys to Brand-New Corvette Warship

17:36 25.06.2016(updated 17:38 25.06.2016)

Russian Navy spokesman Viktor Kochemazov has confirmed that Russia delivered a R-32 missile corvette to the Egyptian Navy.

The Russian Project 1241 class R-32 missile corvette has been handed to Egypt, RIA Novosti quoted Russian Navy spokesman Viktor Kochemazov as confirming on Saturday.

The warship will help Cairo counter terrorism not only on land but also at sea, Kochemazov said, without elaborating on when the vessel was delivered to Egyptian Navy.

In August 2015, it was reported that the Egyptian Defense Ministry said that they received the R-32, equipped with the Moskit missile system.The Ministry said at the time that a group of Egyptian sailors and engineers will be sent to Russia, where they will be trained ahead of being stationed aboard the R-32.

The Project 1241 ships are a class of Soviet missile corvettes which have the NATO reporting name Tarantul.


General characteristics – Project 1241RE


Displacement (tons):
Standard: 385
Full load: 455
Dimensions (m):
Length: 56,1
Beam: 10,2
Draft: 2,2
Speed (knots): 43
Range: 2200 nmi (14 knots)
Autonomy (days): 10
Propulsion: 2×17000 hp M-15E gas turbines (5000 hp M-75 gas turbine, 12000 hp M-70 gas turbine), 2 fixed pitch propellers, 2×200 kW DGR2A-200/1500 diesel generators, 1x100kW DGR2A-100/1500 diesel generator
Armament: 2×2 KT-138E launchers (P-20M anti-ship missiles)
9K32M «Strela-2M» SAM system (9M32M missiles) or 9K34 «Strela-3» (9M36 missiles) or «Strela-3M» (Poland – 9K32M «Strela-2M»)) – 16 missiles
1×1 76 mm AK-176M (314 rounds) – MR-123 «Vympel-A» fire control system
2×6 30 mm AK-630M (2000 rounds)
Electronics: «Garpun-E» radar complex, «Kivach-2» navigation radar (Poland №434, 435) or «Pechora-1» (Poland №436, 437), «Nikhrom-RR» IFF
Complement: 37

Missile boat - Project 1241RE


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