Турбовальный двигатель ТВ7-117В (TV7-117V engine)

The Klimov TV7-117 is a Russian fourth-generation turboprop engine developed in 1997 to power the Il-114 regional aircraft. The new engine features enhanced reliability, fuel economy and greater service life compared with its predecessors produced in the former Soviet Union. Its design is based on modules that may replaced under operation conditions. In 2002, Klimov introduced the TV7-117SM variant featuring a Full Authority Digital Electric Control (FADEC) as well as improved reliability, manufacturability and maintainability.

The TV7-117V is a turboshaft engine developed to power Russian rotary-wing aircraft that builds on the certified TV7-117 turboprop engine. Both engines share 90 percent of power plant components. the TV7-117V engine aim is to power the Mi-38 (TV7-117V and TV7-117VM), Mi-28 (TV7-117VK), and Ka-50/52 (TV7-117VK) helicopters and all modifications. The variants provided with the power take off shaft forward are known as TV7-117V/VM and with the power take off shaft backward TV7-117VK.

Image @rostec.ru

The TV7-117V design introduces emergency power (2,800 to 3,750 horse-power) for safe flight in extreme conditions and a new type of FADEC. The 30-second emergency power is 3,750-hp, 2.5-min is 3,500-hp and 30-min is 3,000-hp compared to 2,000-hp maximum continuous power. Source deagel.com

Universal platform

Two versions of the engine are produced:

  • with the power shaft in front – the TV7-117V/VM model for the Mi-38 helicopter and its versions;
  • with the power shaft in the rear – the TV7-117VK model for upgrading Mi-28 and Ka50/Ka52 helicopters.


  • To be installed on Mi-38 helicopters
  • Certification expected in 2009
  • Power class: 2500 – 3000 hp

Principal specifications of the TV7-117V:

Versions TV7-117V(VM) ТV7-117VK
Emergency performance (Н=0, V=0):
emergency power sustained for 30 seconds (ISA+5°С), hp 3750
emergency power sustained for 2-5 minutes (ISA+15°С), hp 3500
emergency power sustained for 30 minutes (ISA+20°С), hp 3000 2800
Takeoff performance (Н=0, V=0):
power (ISA+20°С), hp 2800 2500
specific fuel consumption, g/hp/hr 199 201
Cruising performance (Н=0, V=0):
power (ISA+20°С), hp 2000 1800
specific fuel consumption, g/hp/hr 220 230
Dimensions, mm:
Length 1614 2077
Width 640 685
Height 820 820
Weight, kg 360 380

Data klimov.ru

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