Russia launches new engine production for military helicopters


The new engines will be used on the military helicopters Ka-52 and Mi-28 as well as the newest Mi-38.
mi mi mi-38New engines will be used on the Mi-38 military helicopters. Source: Press photo

The United Engine Corporation has launched production of TV7-117V engines for the newest Mi-38 multi-purpose helicopter, as well as for the Ka-52 and Mi-28 attack helicopters. Previously, these rotorcrafts used engines made by Ukraine’s Motor Sich plant.

The decision to design and produce Russia’s own technology was made after the introduction of U.S. and EU sanctions and the complete rupture of military and technical cooperation between Russia and Ukraine in 2014. The original plan was to equip the latest Mi-38s with engines made by U.S. aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney for supplies to Russia’s European and American partners.

Video by Russian Helicopters / YouTube

The helicopter can carry out transport and landing tasks for the armed forces, oil and gas companies and search and rescue services. The Russian Helicopters design and manufacturing company has already received a series of orders from the Russian Ministry of Defense and commercial entities for the production of the new engine.

Dmitry Safonov, the Izvestia daily newspaper’s military correspondent, told RBTH that the TV7-117V engine ensures flight safety during operations in any weather conditions.

“It is able to achieve a force of 2,800 to 3,750 horsepower depending on the operating mode,” Safonov said. “The developer is currently designing around 200 engine modifications for different models of helicopters and airplanes.”

According to Safonov, this engine can be used in other helicopters weighing up to 15 tons.


Турбовальный двигатель ТВ7-117В (TV7-117V engine)

Турбовальный двигатель ТВ7-117В (TV7-117V engine)Image

The United Engine-Manufacturing Corporation, part of Russia’s state hi-tech corporation Rostec, has started producing new TV7-117V motors designed for the Mil Mi-38 helicopter, corporation spokeswoman Anastasiya Denisova said in an interview with Izvestiya newspaper.


Earlier, engines were produced only in Ukraine, the spokeswoman added.

“No less than 200 various versions designed for helicopters and planes are planned to be manufactured before 2020. Earlier, engines for our civil and military aircraft were manufactured only in Ukraine,” the spokeswoman said.

“Now, the TV7-117V engine is made of only domestically-made units and components,” she added.

According to Denisova, the baseline TV7-117V engine is among the world’s best motors in terms of its efficiency, reliability and service life.

The TV7-117V engine “can switch to emergency modes of 2,800-3,750 hp to ensure flight safety in emergencies”, she added.

The engine’s turboprop versions can be mounted on the Ilyushin Il-114 and Il-112V planes.


“We are planning to produce more than 200 turboshaft and turboprop versions of the TV7-117V engine before 2020,” Denisova said.

According to the spokeswoman, the corporation is currently organizing the full-scale production of the engine.

Universal platform

Two versions of the engine are produced:

  • with the power shaft in front – the TV7-117V/VM model for the Mi-38 helicopter and its versions;
  • with the power shaft in the rear – the TV7-117VK model for upgrading Mi-28 and Ka50/Ka52 helicopters.


  • To be installed on Mi-38 helicopters
  • Certification expected in 2009
  • Power class: 2500 – 3000 hp

Principal specifications of the TV7-117V:

Versions TV7-117V(VM) ТV7-117VK
Emergency performance (Н=0, V=0):
emergency power sustained for 30 seconds (ISA+5°С), hp 3750
emergency power sustained for 2-5 minutes (ISA+15°С), hp 3500
emergency power sustained for 30 minutes (ISA+20°С), hp 3000 2800
Takeoff performance (Н=0, V=0):
power (ISA+20°С), hp 2800 2500
specific fuel consumption, g/hp/hr 199 201
Cruising performance (Н=0, V=0):
power (ISA+20°С), hp 2000 1800
specific fuel consumption, g/hp/hr 220 230
Dimensions, mm:
Length 1614 2077
Width 640 685
Height 820 820
Weight, kg 360 380




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