Analysis of MBT-3000 vs OPLOT protection level

There seems to be no question in terms of the modern FCS on the MBT-3000 and the powerpack but it seems the weak point of the MBT-3000 as I myself have concern on is the protection level.

An article in the blog “Below the Turret Ring” dated Freitag, 27. Mai 2016 also pointed out that the protection level seems less than the OPLOT.

However, I understand that there are very little choice it was either MBT-3000, T-90A, T-90MS the later two are obviously very dated but reliable and battle proven.

If the Chinese threw in better turret and side protection I have no doubt that this will be a good MBT


“The MBT-3000 however appears to be a major downgrade compared to the T-84M tank in many aspects. The coverage with explosive reactive armor (ERA) is rather low and has even a few gaps in the frontal profile. The quality of the ERA is also questionable, compared to the heavy multi-layer Duplet ERA of the T-84 (using up to three ERA layers) the Chinese ERA seems to be considerable thinner. While the MBT-3000’s ERA solution is only applied to the frontal area of the vehicle, the T-84 has ERA protecting most of the tank’s sides and roof.
In general the protection appears to be downgraded, as the turret design of Chinese tanks provides less armor coverage along the frontal arc and reduces the safe maneuvering angles. Unless the Chinese composite armor is a lot stronger, it seems very unlikely that the MBT-3000 can reach the same protection level as a T-84 Oplot-M tank.
In terms of FCS, both tanks seem to have different benefits. While the T-84 Oplot-M follows the old Soviet tradition of having separated day and night sights for the gunner, which unnecessarily increases the complexity of the tank and can affect the gunner negatively, it also has a much larger commander’s sight with unobstructed view to the left and right sides. On the MBT-3000 the gunner has a unitary sight for day and night operations, but the commander’s sight is smaller (which can affect the performance) and it’s field of view will be reduced due to the gunner’s sight having a similar overall height.”

End Quote

Read full article: HERE

MBT-3000: Details

OPLOT (T-84M): DetailsRoyal Thailand Army at work 3


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