Armed S-70i breaks cover in Poland


Sikorsky company PZL Mielec used NATO’s multi-national exercise Anakonda to debut an armed version of the S-70i Black Hawk in mid-June. On display in Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland, the rotorcraft attracted visitors including Polish defence minister Antoni Macierewicz.

Four pylons under stub wings can be used to carry Lockheed Martin AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles, seven- or 19-round Hydra 70 rocket pods and GAU-19 gun pods, plus 200USgal crashworthy external fuel system tanks. The aircraft also can be equipped with an electro-optical/infrared sensor turret and door-mounted 12.7mm machine guns or M134 miniguns.

Asset ImageKrzysztof Trzaski/PZL Mielec

PZL Mielec says an open systems architecture design will enable the S-70i to also integrate other armaments currently in the inventory of potential export customers, plus new sensors and weapons in the future.

“Our goal is to provide militaries with the flexibility to quickly convert their Sikorsky aircraft into a weaponised platform to meet our customer’s needs,” says PZL Mielec president Janusz Zakręcki.

The armed S-70i is being pitched at central and eastern European countries which require multi-purpose helicopters to conduct armed assault missions in support of ground troops, with the aircraft also capable of supporting combat search and rescue tasks. Other duties could range from customs and border protection to marine surveillance and coast guard use, the company says.

PZL Mielec also is offering the new variant to Warsaw, should its plans to acquire a fleet of Airbus Helicopters H225M Caracals be cancelled. Offset negotiations are ongoing with relation to this procurement.

The armed S-70i will make its first international appearance during next month’s Farnborough air show in the UK.

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S-70i™ Armed Helicopter

Operator: PZL MielecSP-YVC Aircraft: SikorskyS-70I Blackhawk Airport: GermanyBerlin – Schönefeld – Image:

Based on the battle proven BLACK HAWK helicopter, the S-70i helicopter has been designed with the specific features and capabilities most requested by international military customers, at an affordable price. The S-70i BLACK HAWK helicopter is the culmination of 30 years of engineering excellence and real world military experience. This affordable new breed of BLACK HAWK is robustly configured with a state-of-the-art cockpit. Built to a strict military standard, S-70i BLACK HAWK helicopters are ready to support operations, every where …. every time.

153745Operator: PZL MielecSP-YVE Aircraft: SikorskyS-70I Blackhawk  Airport: PolandRadom – Sadkow (EPRA) Category: Main database Photo taken on 2011-8-26 by qalimar

Powerplant and fuel system

Number of Engines
Engine Type T700 GE 701D 
Maximum Take Off 3,988 shp 2,974 kw
OEI Shaft horsepower (30 sec) 1,940 shp 1,447 kw
s-70i_weaponsArmed S-70 image: sikorsky.com6b66c4a3655f96e76ecc9da15920972b
.50 caliber machine guns  
7.62 caliber machine guns  
7, 12, or 19 pod 70 mm rocket launchers  
Air-to-ground laser missile system provisions  
Helmet-mounted sight  
Internal Auxiliary Fuel (200/400 gallon capacity)  
External Gun Mounting System  
External Stores Weapon System


Maximum Gross Weight 22,000 lbs 9,979 kg
Maximum Cruise Speed 149 kts 277 km/h
Maximum Range – No Reserve 248 nm 459 km
HIGE Ceiling 9,000 ft 2,743 m
HOGE Ceiling 4,300 ft 1,310 m
OEI Service Ceiling 3,700 ft 1,127 m
AEO Service Ceiling 13,200 ft 4,023 m



Cabin Length 12.6 ft 3.8 m
Cabin Width 7.7 ft 2.3 m
Cabin Height 4.5 ft 1.3 m
Cabin Area 88 ft2 8.1 m2
Cabin Volume 396 ft3 11.2 m3
Baggage Volume 20 ft3 0.5 m3



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