CMI Defence presents the Cockerill® 3000 Series for the first time in Europe

Armed and ready [ES2016D5]

17 June 2016

CMI Defence (Hall 5, Stands K398/K378) is showing two members of its latest Cockerill 3000 series of modular turrets for the first time at Eurosatory.

The two-person turrets, the Cockerill 3030 and 3105, share a high level of common components to reduce through-lifecycle costs and training.

The Cockerill 3030 on display is installed on a Patria 8×8 AMV and armed with the Orbital ATK MK44 dual-feed cannon, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and banks of grenade launchers.

The 3105 shown alongside is integrated on a GDELS–MOWAG Piranha 8×8 and is armed with the CMI Defence 105mm rifled gun, which is fed by a bustle-mounted automatic loader with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

In addition to firing conventional 105mm ammunition, the 3105 can fire a 105mm gun-launched anti-tank guided missile out to a range of 5,000m.

The turrets are in production for an undisclosed export customer for installation on an 8×8 platform.

Original post


CMI Defence presents the Cockerill® 3000 Series for the first time in Europe

Jun 13, 2016

At Eurosatory 2016 and for the first time in Europe, CMI Defence has the pleasure of presenting two variations of its latest up to the minute technological innovation: the modular Cockerill® 3000 Series in the form of the Cockerill® 3030 and Cockerill® 3105. 

Based on an unprecedented modular concept, the Cockerill® 3000 Series is a single platform enabling a turret to accommodate guns of different calibres and the corresponding technological modules: automatic 25 mm, 30 mm, 30/40 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm calibre guns, along with direct fire guns of 90 and 105 mm calibre. These systems can also fire missiles.


Thanks to their unique operational capabilities, to the rapid inter-changeability both of their crews and their arms, and to their high degree of common design, these modular turrets of the Cockerill® 3000 Series can cover all types of missions and objectives on the battle field (combat tank, bunker and helicopter engagement, urban combat, intervention in combats known as asymmetric…) at reduced overall operational costs. These systems benefit in particular from the simulation solutions of CMI Defence supplied under the Agueris brand. These enable training and practice on both virtual immersive cockpits and embedded simulators.

Jean-Luc Maurange, President of CMI Defence: “With the Cockerill® 3000 Series and the innovative modular turret concept, CMI Defence stands apart from the competition. We are confirming our position of leader in the turret domain, by proposing a weapons system at the cutting edge of technology, which combines polyvalence with robustness. The Cockerill® 3000 Series and its high level of performance in the domain of direct firing are, in addition, already meeting with substantial success: a very high number of them are currently in the process of production in our installations in Belgium and France”.


Eurosatory 2016 – Hall 5 – Stand K378

Technical characteristics 

Weapon Role Product name
105mm NATO-standard high-pressure tank gun with optional Gun Launched Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (GLATGM)


Organic heavy Direct fire-support


Cockerill 3105

90mm medium-pressure  gun with optional GLATGM

Organic medium direct fire-support and infantry support


Cockerill 3090

Automatic cannon of many types:

  • 30 mm
  • 35 mm
  • 40 mm
  • 50 mm

Infantry support


Cockerill 3030

Cockerill 3035

Cockerill 3040

Cockerill 3050


ATGM launched by gun effect

Long-range anti-tank

System option
Roof-mounted Remote Weapon System (RWS) (7.62mm MG to 40mm AGL) Close support System option



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