Poland to use Rafael Spike-ER on prospective H225M fleet


Poland’s air force will equip its prospective 21 Airbus Helicopters H225M rotorcraft with Rafael Spike-ER missiles according to Israeli sources.

Warsaw has yet to fully commit to a deal for a total of 50 of the heavy helicopters split across three services, having selected the type in April 2015.

However, it is understood that the air force plans to utilise the Israeli-built guided anti-tank munition on its fleet

“We proved that this version of the Spike missile is the best solution when the need is to give such a helicopter combat capabilities,” says Aviram Levy, Rafael marketing manager.

The missile is already fielded by Spain aboard its Airbus Helicopters Tigers.

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Spike Anti-Tank Missile, Israel

Spike-ER extended-range anti-armour missile

The Spike family includes: Spike-SR with a range of 800m, Spike-MR (Gill) with range of 2,500m, Spike-LR with 4,000m range and Spike-ER (formerly known as NTD Dandy) with a range of 8,000m. Spike-LR and Spike-ER can also be fitted on light combat vehicles and a package for mounting Spike-ER on helicopters is also available. The Spike missile system is currently in production and in service with the Israeli, Dutch, Chilean, Colombian, Finnish, German, Polish, Italian, Peruvian, Spanish and Singaporean armed forces.

The extended-range (8km) version, Spike-ER, also has a larger warhead. It is designed for mounting on light combat vehicles but can also be removed and fitted onto a tripod. The vehicle package includes the missile in its canister, a remotely controlled turret with target acquisition system and electronics and gunner’s station with multifunction display, control panel and handgrip.

A bi-directional fibre-optic datalink provides Spike-ER with a fire and steer mode, in addition to the other two modes. This means that the gunner does not need to lock-on to the target before launch, but can choose the target after launch and steer the missile to the target’s most vulnerable point or hand over to fire-and-forget.

Rafael has developed a version of Spike-ER with a penetration, blast and fragmentation (PBF) warhead which only explodes after penetration of the target (e.g. a wall), minimising collateral damage.

A Spike-ER launcher has been developed for helicopters. The four-round launcher requires no modifications to the helicopter, other than software integration. It can be fitted to a variety of helicopters, including AH-64 Apache (which can carry 16 missiles), AH-1S Cobra, A-129, MD-500, Mi-24 and others.

Data @army-technology.com

Rate of fire Ready to launch in 30 seconds, reload in 15 seconds
Effective firing range 800m (Spike-SR) 2,500m (Spike-MR) 4,000m (Spike-LR) 25,000m (Spike NLOS)
Sights 10× optical sight
Warhead Tandem-chargeHEAT warhead

Data @wikiwand.com

Eurocopter EC725/H225M: Details


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