Indonesia to Buy 8 Russian Su-35 Fighter Jets, Talks Near Completion

18:41 08.06.2016

Indonesia plans to buy eight Su-35 multirole air superiority fighter jets from Russia and is discussing the transfer of technology from the Russian side, Indonesian ambassador to Russia Mohamad Wahid Supriyadi said Wednesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The main part of the negotiations is complete and talks have now entered their final stage, with the sides discussing the matter of transferring technology from Russia to the Indonesia, Supriyadi told RIA Novosti.

The Indonesian side will buy eight fighter jets in what will become the first stage of cooperation in the given area, he added.

All of Indonesia’s military pronouncements are supplemented by the transfer of technology in accordance with the country’s laws, the ambassador explained, noting that the Russian side has not voiced disagreement and only formalities remain before the deal is closed.


I think the earlier delay was due to offset requirement and I still think it will be a sticking point as I doubt the Russians will want to transfer some of the tech of their current top fighter!

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