KADEX-2016 Sees Interest in Russia’s Tornado Corvettes Scorpion Gunboats

09:39 02.06.2016(updated 10:21 02.06.2016)

Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation will hold talks with foreign partners on Tornado corvettes during the ongoing KADEX-2016, the manufacturer’s Vice President Igor Ponomarev said Thursday.

ASTANA, June 2 (Sputnik) — Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation will hold talks with foreign partners expressing interest in its Tornado corvettes Scorpion gun boats during the ongoing KADEX-2016 military hardware exhibition in Kazakhstan, the manufacturer’s Vice President Igor Ponomarev said Thursday.

KADEX-2016 is a biannual event and has been held since 2010. The fourth exhibition, taking place on June 2-5 in Astana, is attended by over 300 military equipment producers from around the world showcase aircraft and space technologies, army and navy armaments, air defense systems, IT technologies and robotic systems and military equipment utilizing alternative energy sources. A total of 40 Russian companies are attending the event.

“At KADEX-2016, we expect interest in the missile boat equipped with the Kalibr-NK cruise missile system, built on the basis of the Project 21632 Tornado Buyan-class corvette, as well as the new Project 12300 Scorpion and project 22500 gun boats and project 12701 Alexandrit coastal minesweepers,” Ponomarev told RIA Novosti.

The project Project 21632 Tornado corvette is an export version of Project 21630, One of the Russian Navy’s newest corvettes, with the first vessel of the class joining Russia’s Caspian flotilla in 2006. The Scorpion missile and gun boat is designed for coastal border patrols and vessels of the project are still under construction.

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Project 21632 Tornado Buyan-class corvette

Designed for carrying out of combat operations in the seas and on the navigable rivers, peace time tasks solution in the zone of large force liability.


Displacement about 560 t
Length 61,45 m
Beam 9,6 m
Speed about 26 knots
Range about 1500 nm
Endurance 10 days
Complement 39 persons

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant twin-shaft CODAD 4 x main diesel engines MTU


Strike 2 x Uran-E, 8 missiles
or 2 x Yakhont, 4 missiles
or 1 x Grad — M
Artillery 1×100 mm A-190, 2×30 mm AK-306
or 1×30 mm AK-630M
Air defense 1 x Gibka or 8 x Igla MANPADS
Fire arms 2×14.5 mm MTPU machine guns, 3×7.62 mm PKMB machine guns
Countermeasures 1 x PК-10
Aviation Ka-226 helicopter, helideck
Electronic equipment Pozitiv-ME1.2, МR-231E, Sigma-E tactical-data system

Project 22500 Patrol ship

Designed for protection of ships, vessels and communications against hostile surface ships and submarines as well as to meet attacks of air assault weapons both independently and as task force ship, for search and disposal of submarines, fire support of landing troops, frontier guard and patrol duties on protection of territorial waters and exclusive economic zone.


Displacement about 950 t
Length 84,0 m
Beam 13,7 m
Speed about 28-30 knots
Range up to 4000 nm
Endurance 20 days
Berths for staff depending on purpose (reserve ones incl.) up to 80 persons

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant CODAG type


Strike 1 x Kalibr-NKE, 8 missiles
or 1 x «Uran-E», 8 missiles
1 x Ogon ship’s flame-throwing system, 44 missiles
Artillery 1×100 mm А-190E
or 1×57 mm А-220M
1×30 mm AK-630M or
1 x Palma antiaircraft artillery systems
Air defense 1 x Gibka turret mount, 24 missiles
Fire arms 2 x MTPU 14.5
Anti-submarine 2 x Paket-E/NK
or 1 x RPK-8
or 1 x Medvedka
Countermeasures 1 x TK-25E
1 x PK-10
Aviation Telescopic hangar and helo deck with facilities for take-off,
landing and maintenance of combat
or rescue helicopter weighing up to 12 t
Electronic equipment Pozitiv-ME1 or Fregat-MAE-4k
General detection and target designation radar
Pal-N-4 or Pal-N1 type radar
MTK-201ME Close range air/sea search sensors

Project 12300 Scorpion

Designed for destruction of enemy surface combatants, boats and transports independently or in cooperation with naval striking forces.


Displacement 460 t
Length about 57 m
Beam about 10,3 m
Speed about 40 (with diesel-gas turbine unit)/about 33 (with diesel unit)
Range about 2000 nm
Endurance 10 days

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant

Version 1
2×16V1163TB93 MTU diesels
Version 2
1 x GTU-12 gas turbine unit
and 2 x M530 diesels or 16V4000M90 MTU diesels


Strike 1 x system with 4 Yakhont missiles or
1 x Uran-E, 8missiles
* Club or Moskit missile systems can also be fitted
Artillery 1 x A-190-5P-10E, 100mm
Air defense 1 x Kashtan
Countermeasures 1 x Pallada sonar
2 x DP-64 anti-diver grenade-launchers
1 x MP-405-1E EW suite
1 x PK-10 suite
Aviation A helicopter or a UAV can be permanently accommodated instead of missile systems
Electronic equipment 1 x Monument-E or 1 x Mineral-ME or 1 x Furke-E
1 x Pozitiv-ME1(.2) (If Furke-E is installed, Pozitiv is not to be fitted)
1 x Gorizont-25 INS
1 x Ladoga-ME navigation system
1 x Sigma-E CMS

Data @”United Shipbuilding Corporation”


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