Algeria reportedly took delivery of first two Mi-28NE combat helicopters


Published: Monday, 30 May 2016 14:41

According to pictures released on social medias, Russia reportedly delivered the two first Mi-38NE attack helicopters ordered by Algeria. Russia will deliver a total of 42 Mi-28NE attack helicopters to Algeria in line with a bilateral contract, Interfax news agency announced in late March 2016, quoting a source in Russia’s arms exporting bodies.

Algeria reportedly took delivery of first two Mi 28NE combat helicopters 640 001One of the twoi first Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopters reportedly delivered to Algeria on May 26, 2016
(Source: Twitter)

According to data of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Russia is officially delivering Mi-28NE helicopters to Iraq and Algeria. In 2013, Algeria signed a contract for purchasing 42 Russian-made Mi-28NE helicopters with the dual-control technology, while Iraq is receiving organic Mi-28NE helicopters.

The Mi-28N helicopter, dubbed “Night Hunter” by the Russian military, is said by arms experts to be among the best in the world in its class. It is capable of carrying out missions day and night and in most adverse weather conditions. It is equipped with a top-mounted millimeter wave radar station, thermographic camera-TV, and a laser rangefinder. The Mi-28N is powered by two Russian Klimov TV3-117VMA-SB3 engines (2,500 hp each), produced by the Ukrainian Motor-Sich.

The Mi-28NE modification is equipped with a dual-control system, which allows to fly the helicopter both from the pilot’s cockpit and from the cockpit of the operator pilot who acts as an instructor.



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