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WATCH: Israel’s Naval Iron Dome System Successfully Intercepts Rocket Salvo

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The Israeli military has successfully tested its new “Iron Dome of the sea” anti-rocket defense system, The Times of Israel reported Wednesday.

The Tamir-Adir system, which is mounted on ships, is designed to shoot down short-range rockets like the kind Hamas fires from the Gaza Strip. In tests two weeks ago, the system intercepted every single short-range rocket fired in a salvo from shore, according to Col. Ariel Shir, head of operational systems in the Israeli navy.

Shir added that the tests “proved the Israeli navy’s ability to protect Israel’s strategic assets at sea against short-range strategic rockets.”

Tamir-Adir employs Iron Dome technology that has been adjusted to work in a moving vessel. The ship-based system is designed to protect Israel’s natural gas rigs from attack. One such platform is located 16 miles from Gaza and has been targeted unsuccessfully by Hamas in the past. The natural gas fields are a strategic asset because they are essential to Israel’s economy, providing a large share of the country’s energy needs. If other natural gas fields are developed, Israel could become a major exporter.

Tamir-Adir is the latest addition to Israel’s multi-platform missile defense system. David’s Sling, designed to intercept long-range ballistic missiles, is being co-developed with the United States and is on track to become operational this year.

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Naval Iron Dome System

Tamir interceptors


In October 2014, Rafael unveiled a naval version of the Iron Dome called C-Dome. It is designed to protect vessels in blue and littoral waters from ballistic trajectory and direct attack weapons fired in saturation attacks. C-Dome includes a 10-round canister loaded with vertically-launched Tamir interceptors for 360-degree coverage, a feature not supported by the land-based Iron Dome system; the ship’s own surveillance radar is used to negate the need for a dedicated fire control radar.

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The system has a small footprint to enable installation on small ships like offshore patrol vessels, corvettes, and even stationary oil rigs. Though in the very early stages of concept development, Rafael estimates that it could take less than a year to build a prototype C-Dome system. Preliminary discussions with potential users have already been launched. The C-Dome will be used on the Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar 6-class corvettes. On the 18 may 2016 Col. Ariel Shir, head of Israeli Naval operation systems announced that the system had successfully intercepted and destroyed a salvo of short range missiles while deployed on a naval vessel at sea. Source Wikipedia