RBS 70 NG – Video

RBS 70 NG – Transforming the battlefield

Published on Mar 17, 2016

The new generation RBS 70 NG VSHORAD system with integrated 24/7 all-target capability has been developed for any combat situation. Its integrated sighting system, enhanced gunner aids, high precision, unbeatable range and unjammable laser guidance combine to produce a ground-based air defence system with world-leading capabilities.



The RBS 70 NG is a man-portable air-defense system designed and manufactured by the Swedish Company SAAB. The RBS 70 NG is based on the RBS 70 with new-generation sighting system, high precision, unbeatable range and unjammable laser guidance.

guidance combine to produce a system with world-leading capabilities. The NG sight is software-based. New functions like the auto tracker and visual cueing have ultimately resulted in ease of use and increased precision for both small and large targets, even at maximum range.

Launch unit

The basic RBS 70 NG (New Generation) comprises the missile in a launch container, a tripod firing stand and an NG sight. It is operable by one, and portable by three persons. Source armyrecognition.com


The RBS 70 NG uses the new BOLIDE missile which can defeat a wide range of targets, including ground and surface targets. BOLIDE has an intercept range of 8,000 m and altitude coverage of more than 5 000 m. The modular design allows the RBS 70 NG to reuse all existing generations of RBS 70 missiles up to the new BOLIDE 4th generation all-target VSHORAD missile.

The combined shaped-charge and prefragmented warhead makes the system uniquely capable of defeating armoured air targets such as attack helicopters and CAS aircraft as well as armoured ground targets like APCs.

Type Surface to air missile
Diameter 106 mm body, 320 mm wingspan
Length 1.32 m
Weight 16 to 17 kg
Guidance Laser beam guidance
Warhead HE-Fragmentation, over 3.000 tungsten pellets, impact and 3 m proximity fuze
Propulsion Single-stage solid propellant rocket motor plus ejection motor
Speed over 680 m/s maximum
Range 250 m to over 8 km
Altitude 5 m to over 5 km
Engagement envelope ?
Remarks Over 25 g maneuverability

Missile Data weaponsystems.net


The NG sight is a compact integrated guidance unit with integrated Thermal Imager, built-in auto-tracker and advanced visual cueing aids. The NG sight has been specifically designed for a high degree of flexibility and modularity: In addition to the Man-Portable Air Defence System (MANPADS) configuration, the same NG sight unit can also be alternately applied in remotely controlled and vehicle applications.

The RBS 70 NG sight enhances the capability of the BOLIDE missile by reducing the tracking noise through the implementation of an auto-tracker function. Less noise will result in even higher maneuverability and higher p-kill than in the present RBS 70 system against small targets at maximum range.

Combat use

True All-target capability With the latest generation of missile – the BOLIDE – the RBS 70 NG is directed at the complete air and ground threat spectrum, including long range and close to ground. Everything from fixed and rotary wing aircraft and helicopters down to small targets such as cruise missiles, UAVs and armoured ground targets like AFCs can be engaged. The RBS 70 NG has an effective intercept range of 8 km, with altitude coverage in excess of 5,000 m, making it a best-in-class air defence missile system. It is capable of operating in complex environments such as urban terrain and is well equipped for all environments, including tropical, desert and arctic conditions. Source armyrecognition.com


  • Automatic target tracking
  • Integrated thermal imager
  • Visual target assignment
  • Simplifed aiming functions
  • Simultaneous detection of several targets
  • All-target capability (with BOLIDE Missile)


Guidance method Laser beam-riding missile
Effective range 220 – >9,000 m
Altitude coverage 0 – 5,000 m
Deployment time 30 sec
Reloading time: Less than 6 sec (MANPADS)
Max velocity (BOLIDE) Mach 2

Source saab.com


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