Thailand to procure MBT-3000/VT-4 tanks from China

Jon Grevatt, Bangkok – IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

16 May 2016

The Royal Thai Army (RTA) has signed an agreement with China to procure the MBT-3000 main battle tank (MBT) produced by China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), RTA officials confirmed to IHS Jane’s on 16 May.

The contract to procure the MBT-3000, which is also referred to by NORINCO as the VT-4, features an initial 28 units, with deliveries expected to commence before the end of 2016 and conclude within two years. The deal, thought to be valued at about USD150 million, makes Thailand the first known export customer of the type.

If the first batch of deliveries is successful, sources indicated the RTA would look to procure additional MBT-3000s as it seeks to meet a long-standing requirement for up to 150 MBTs.

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Ukraine can not buy Chinese Delivery Thai VT4 turn tank

Translated by Google


[ Wenhui Reuters quoted according to the World Wide Web ” Thai armed forces ‘ Web site reported that the Royal Thai Army in April and China have signed a purchase terms a battalion MBT-3000 (VT-4) tanks of the contract , estimated to number about 50 , the contract amount has not been announced , is expected to deliver completed within two years .

The article said that due to the ongoing turmoil in the situation in Ukraine , Thailand ordered its 200 T-84 ” fortress ” Tank delays in delivery , which makes Thai authorities began to seek new alternatives , then the MBT-3000 main battle tanks appeared in the Thailand’s military vision.

Thai military said that if the first order of 50 MBT-3000 tanks satisfactory, will continue to buy 150 of the tanks . Zhidezhuyi that the Thai side also proposed a requirement that even if all of the MBT-3000 main battle tanks are manufactured in China , Thailand also needs to transfer production technology.

Military observers say the next generation of Thai Army Tank tender held in previous years , due to the Chinese -made equipment was not allowed to trade on the engine type of MBT-2000 main battle tanks, the engine only with Ukraine , and therefore chose the Thai side the Ukrainian T-84 ” fortress ” tanks. According to previous reports , MBT-3000 export price of about $ 4 million per , so this calculation, Thailand The tank contract amount about $ 200 million.

MBT-3000 tanks, weight 52 tons , 10.1 meters long , 3.4 meters wide , with home-made 1300 horsepower water-cooled turbo diesel engine , the maximum off-road speed of up to 75 kilometers on fire , MBT-3000 is equipped with a 125 mm smoothbore gun , automatic remote weapon station can transmit a variety of artillery shells and missiles, using a new type of ” hunting – J ” fire control system , can accurately hit targets 5,000 meters. Source


Jane’s states 28 tanks for $150 million but Chinese state 50 tanks for $200 million it seems the $4 million price tag is more realistic than the one Jane’s reported at $5.35 million

The known price of T-90MS is around $4.5 million.  

I really don’t get it why ask Russia to assist to develop the arms industry and than go and buy Chinese tanks!  Should have gone T-90MS and set up an assembly plant in Thailand as I mentioned earlier RTA still needs another 150 units to replace the M41A3 and maybe later another 120 units to replace M48A5 than there’s nearly 200 M60s but by than RTA could switch to build 200 T-14s

To be frank after looking at the vid (below) it doesn’t look like it can stand a direct ATGM hit

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