Elta cements radar status on Tejas fighter



Elta Systems will supply the radar for all future versions of India’s Tejas light combat aircraft (LCA), after the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) subsidiary was selected by Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL).

The company’s ELM-2032 fire-control radar is installed on prototypes of the Indian-developed fighter, and deliveries will continue as series production starts. According to Elta, it also has been chosen as sole supplier for additional future versions of the Tejas; Israeli sources suggest this could involve using its active electronically scanned array ELM-2052 sensor. They suggest that strong ties between HAL and IAI could see additional Israeli equipment installed on the fighter.

India’s air force has announced plans to order 80 more LCA in an improved Mk1A configuration, following an earlier order for 40 Tejas jets.

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The ELM-2052 is an advanced Fire Control Radar (FCR) designed for air-to-air superiority and strike missions, based on fully solid-state Active Ellectronically Scanning Array (AESA) technology, enabling the radar to achieve long detection ranges, high mission reliability and multi-target tracking capabilities.
The ELM-2052 radar provides simultaneous modes of operation supporting multi-mission capabilities for air-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-sea operation modes, and weapon deployment.
In the air-to-air mode, the radar delivers very long-range multi target detection and enables several simultaneous weapon deliveries in combat engagements.
In air-to-ground missions, the radar provides very high resolution SAR mapping, surface moving target detection and tracking over RBM and SAR maps in addition to A/G ranging.
In air-to-sea missions the radar provides long-range target detection and tracking, including target classification capabilities (RS, ISAR).
The ELM-2052 radar design reflects ELTA’s vast field-proven radar experience and operational feedback received from Israeli Air Force fighter pilots.


  • Solid-state, active phased array technology
  • Pulse Doppler, all aspect, shoot down capabilities
  • Simultaneous multi-target tracking and engaging
  • Simultaneous multi-mode operation
  • High ECM immunity
  • Ultra-low side-lobe antenna
  • Sigma, two axis monopulse and guard channels
  • Flexible interfaces and growth potential:
    – Modular hardware and software
    – Spare memory and computing power
  • High mission reliability (built with redundancy)

Operational Modes


  • TWS/Multi-target detection and tracking
  • Multi-target ACM
  • High resolution raid assessment


  • High resolution mapping (SAR Mode)
  • AGR – Air-to-Ground Ranging
  • RBM – Real Beam Map
  • DBS – Doppler Beam Sharpening
  • GMTI on RBM, SAR
  • GMTT on RBM, SAR
  • Beacon
  • Weather


  • Sea search and multi-target tracking
  • RS and ISAR classification modes
Image @defense-update.com

Source @iai.co.il

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