Russia readies Vietnam’s fourth Gepard frigate for launch


19 May 2016

Russia’s Zelenodolsk Shipyard will launch a fourth Modified Gepard (Project 11661E)-class guided-missile frigate on order for the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) Navy on 25 May, the country’s TASS news agency reported on 17 May, citing company CEO Renat Mistakhov.

The platform’s third-in-class, which is also the first anti-submarine warfare (ASW) variant, was launched in April 2016. The PAVN Navy commissioned its first two Modified Gepad-class ships, Dinh Tien Hoang (HQ 011) and Ly Thai Ho (HQ 012), in March and August 2011 respectively.

The two frigates under construction are expected to be delivered in August and September 2016 respectively, said Mistakhov.


Gepard project 11661

Guard ship project 11661 and project 11661К “Tatarstan”
1  Premises for pulling equipment, draworks and hook “Zarnitsa” 13  Antenna station of identification friend-or-foe system radiotechnical reconnaissance system REB “Start”
2  launching installation of surface-to-air guided missile system “Оsa-МА-2” 14  Basic (complex) Antenna station radio electronic complex “Monolith”
3  30-mm automatic plant АК-630М 15  Antenna station identification friend-or-foe system of radio electronic complex SUAO “Vimpel-А”
4  533-mm twin torpedo tubes (TTT)-53-1166 16  Pilot bridge
5  Antenna station of identification friend-or-foe system and radio electronic complex SUAO “Vimpel-А” 17  Pilot room
6  Antenna station of identification friend-or-foe system, fire-control system and surface-to-air missile system “Оsа-MА-2” 18  7,62-mm Kalashnikov tank machine gun
7  launching installation unguided missile hovering craft KG (Kalashnikov gun)-16 19  78-mm automatic plant АК 176
8  launching installation unguided missile hovering craft KG (Kalashnikov gun)-10 20  A/S rocket launcher \-6000
9  Antiship missile system “Uran” 21  Keel antenna dome of “Zarnitsa” hook
10  Sonar head “Start” 22  14,5-mm Vladimorov large-calibre machine-gun
11  Antenna station of target designation receive channel (RTCS JOM “Monolith”) 23  45-mm minute gun
12 Antenna station of radio electronic complex “Kivach” 24  Ducted thruster

Corvette Project 11661E type “Gepard-3.9” is designed to perform tasks of searching, tracking and control of surface, underwater and air targets, conducting convoy operations, patrol service, protection of economic zone.


  • Full displacement – 2100 tons;
  • Overall length – 105 m;
  • Width – 13, 7 m;
  • Cruising radius at a speed of 10 knots – about 5 thousand mile;
  • Full speed – over 30 knots (over 56 km/h);
  • Crew – 103 persons;
  • Endurance – 20 days
  • Displacement ship “Gepard” Р028, Р044 (“Cheetah”) plant reduction gear  


Image Image Image

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