Brazilian government cuts AMX modernisation budget


16 May 2016

The Brazilian government announced on 12 May that it will cut BRL161 million (USD45 million) from the Brazilian Air Force budget, with most of which to be culled from the AMX aircraft modernisation programme.

Work on the modernisation effort will mostly come to a halt for this year, and the air force will have to wait until 2017 to possibly restart work.

The plan was to modernise 33 single-seaters (locally called A-1A) and 10 two-seaters (A-1B) to the A-1M standard, and was already progressing at a slow rate with few aircraft delivered since the first was received by the air force in 2013.

The modernisation plan includes installing the SCP-1 Scipio radar, developed by Brazilian company Mectron and Italian company Galileo Avionica, while the cockpit will receive a heads-up display, three multifunction displays, HOTAS commands, a gyro electronic unit, and other improvements (Elbit Systems is doing much of the work). Aside from updating the electronics, survivability, and cockpit, the effort is to extend the airframes’ service life by 20 more years.

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AMX fighteramx_international_brazilian_air_force-152961

SCP-1 Scipio radar


Search and tracking
4 sub modes air-to-air combat
Search tank and search plane while tracking (TWS)


Search air-sea with monopulse tracking
Search air-sea with TWS
Telemetry air-ground
The radar employs waveforms (pulses and pulse repetition frequency – PRFs), search patterns and antenna processing algorithms.


Low weight and compact size
frequency agility in the band I
Pulse Compression
Operation doppler mean PRF
Antenna two planes monopulse
Advanced techniques of ECCM (Electronic counter-countermeasures)
acançado signal processing software configured
Rejection of clutter and target tracking by adaptive algorithms
image processing, zoom on target and image freeze
Integration with the mission system via digital data bus 1553B
TV output with color graphics 

Upgraded cockpit

Future FAB A-1M will have roughly a panel similar to the F-5M. Much of the current analogue dials will be replaced with MFD (Multi-Function Displays) colored.

Adding to the area of the three MFD, the A-1M will have about 121 square inches of area showing digital information ranging from data engine related to weapons. In addition to the new panel the A-1M will feature a HMD that will bring greater situational awareness. Source defesabrasil

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