Oplot Tank of Thailand are Having Problems with Batteries

Asian Defence News

MAY 11, 2016

A source in the Thai army said the publication ” Kanwa the Asian Defence ” that tests Ukrainian tank “OPLOT” in Thailand during the rainy season showed limited life battery that needs to be changed frequently.

The article « China, Ukraine Competing fiercely for Pakistani market The MBT » notes that according to the Thai people, the Ukrainian side is trying to provide a high level of service. Ukrainian experts in the field of tank told the newspaper that because of the difference in climate battery “Oplot” experienced increased workload and very quickly covered with condensation, and this was causing problems.

At the same time the very battery replacement is carried out very quickly. According to the publication, the battery is done in Lugansk (probably talking about CJSC “Lugansk battery”), but the company itself has been damaged in the fighting.


Note: My Indonesian colleague have informed me that the news came from a Chinese newspaper so take it with precaution!

See details of OPLOT MBT Specification: HERE



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