Russia shows firepower [SOFEX16D1]


10 May 2016

Rosoboronexport Joint Stock Company (Hall 4, Stand B401) is showing some of the wide range of indirect fire mortar systems available from the Russian defence industry.

The smallest of these is the 82mm 2B25 noiseless mortar system (pictured), which has been developed by Burevestnik and has a maximum range of 1,200m. Its low weight of only 13kg allows it to be carried by two people, with one carrying the complete mortar and the other some ready-use 82mm mortar bombs. The 82mm 2B25 mortar is unusual in that it has a trigger firing mechanism and a recoil system.

Also being shown in scale model form are the 2S23 (8×8) self-propelled mortar (SP) system based on the BTR-80 amphibious armoured personnel carrier and the tracked 2S31 Vena. The 2S23 is fitted with a turret-mounted 120mm 2A60 rifled mortar that has both direct and indirect fire capabilities.

Maximum range depends on the 120mm mortar bomb and propellant charge, but firing the standard 120mm high-explosive mortar bomb, a maximum range of 8,850m can be achieved; this can be extended to 12,810m using a rocket-assisted projectile. It also has a useful direct fire capability using a 120mm high-explosive anti-tank mortar bomb, which is capable of neutralising light armoured vehicles.

The 2S31 Vena is one of the more recent Russian SP mortar systems. Based on a much modified BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle hull, it retains its full amphibious capabilities. This has already been sold to Azerbaijan and more recently to Venezuela.

The 2S31 Vena has a turret armed with the longer 2A80 rifled mortar, which gives a maximum range of up to 18,000m, as well as having a direct fire capability.



82 mm mortar silent 2B25

Mortar silent shell

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: proposed shell comprises main part and tail. Tail case accommodates propellant charge and combination piston with initiator. Shell is composed of detachable sealed screw assy of tail and main part. Tail is furnished with fin. Tail charge chamber accommodates multi-section propellant to be implemented in various versions. Punch-type initiator is arranged inside the piston. Said piston is composed of inner and deformable outer sleeves of different strength. Tail body is furnished with inverse cone on fin side. The inverse can is a braking device during a dislocation of piston to the fin side.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of hits.

The invention relates to ammunition, in particular noiseless and flameless shots, mainly for grenade launchers and mortars. Source


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