US senators warn Obama about conceding $9 billion contracts to Russia and Europe


A group of US senators warned the administration of the US President Barack Obama that if they prolong reviewing the contracts on the supply of military jets to the Middle East, they are likely to accrue the market to the European or Russian manufacturers, writes The Wall Street Journal. The estimated contract value is $  billion.

The contract is on the delivery of F-16s fighters by Lockheed Martin, F- 15 and F / A- 18 Boeing production in Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Washington DC delayed the execution of contracts due to the Israeli government objections, which have a concern that the aircrafts might be eventually used against Israel. Another obstacle for the transaction is the foreign policy of the US aiming at preserving Israel’s military superiority over other countries in the region.

However, the Republican senators John McCain and Bob Corker, as well as Democrats Jack Reed and Claire McCaskill urged the US administration that cancelling the contracts might causes losses to the US manufacturers.

“The deviation request will not prevent these countries to acquire more advanced fighters from foreign suppliers, including, possibly, Russia,” said the senator, according to RBK.

“America should not lose the opportunity to expand its influence in the Middle East and to secure its industrial dominance, losing this market to our competitors or enemies,” they said.

In addition , the senators noted that Boeing and Lockheed Martin warned  about a possible danger of closing their production networks, if they do not receive new orders.


Who’s buying F-16s?  The only country is Pakistan!

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