Elbit Systems has announced the successful testing of their new BrightNite multi-spectral panoramic vision system


Friday, May 6, 2016


Staring Night Vision Sensor Opens the Night for Helicopter Pilots

Overlaid by a synthetic layer that follows the contours of the landscape, the display is combined with a third layer of mission conformal 3D symbology indicating various hazards, mission conformal symbology and tactical data.

Using a single Britenite sensor and the ‘synthetic world’, multiple crew members can simultaneously scan different areas through the entire field of regard, safely sharing the mission workload and responsibilities, regardless of the night visibility conditions.

In the sorties that took place during the demonstration flights, the feedback was extremely positive and the pilots emphasized the contribution of the system to flight. “The system is like magic, [it] literally opens any night to flight” one of the pilots commented.

Elbit-Systems-BrightNite-1021BrightNite is a multi-spectral end to end panoramic piloting solution that delivers the essential data directly to both eyes of the pilot, enabling intuitive flight in a head-up, eyes-out orientation in pitch dark and other DVE conditions. Photo: Elbit Systems

Main photo @Photo: Elbit Systems

Source defense-update.com



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