World’s First Air-Droppable Missile System Being Developed for Russian Airborne Forces

Source: TASS Defense; published May 04, 2016)

MOSCOW — The world’s first air-droppable air defense missile system is being created for the Russian Airborne Forces on the basis of the BMD-4M combat vehicle, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told TASS on Wednesday.

“The work is underway on the on the creation of an air-droppable anti-aircraft missile defense system based on the BMD-4M airborne combat vehicle. The experimental design work is codenamed Ptitselov (Fowler),” the source said.

According to him, the system will be parachuted.

The Russian Airborne Forces currently have in service various modifications of the Strela-10 air defense missile system the basic model of which had been made operational in 1976.

The track-mounted Sadovnitsa BMD-4M combat vehicle is a version of the BMD-4 vehicle with a new body, engine, chassis and other units. It is equipped with the Bakhcha-U combat unit, which comprises two guns – one of 100-mm caliber and another – of 30-mm caliber, and a machine gun.

Previously, a Russian Defense Ministry source told TASS that the BMD-4M vehicle, along with the BTR-MDM (Rakushka) armored personnel carrier entered service. According to other previous reports, under the existing contract the Russian Defense Ministry should receive within three years up to 250 of these airborne combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers.


Russia develops air-droppable air defence missile system


Currently, the main anti-aircraft battlefield assets of the Russian Airborne Forces are various modifications of the Strela-10 (Arrow-10) missile system, whose basic model was put into service in 1976. Source

Основные характеристики ЗРК типа “Стрела-10”
Principal Technical Specifications of the Strela 10 SAM System
Strela 10SV
Strela 10M
Strela 10M2
Strela 10M3
9М37 9М37М 9М37М 9М333
9A35/9A34 9A35M/9A34M 9A35M2/9A34M2 9A35M3/9A34M3
Зона поражения, км
Engagment Envelope [km]
– по дальности
– in range
0,8..5 0,8..5 0,8..5 0,8..5
– по высоте
– in altitude
0,025..3,5 0,025..3,5 0,025..3,5 0,01..3,5
– по параметру до 3 до 3 до 3 до 3
Вероятность поражения истребителя одной ЗУР
Single Shot Pk for Fighter Type Target
0,1..0,5 0,1..0,5 0,3..0,6 0,3..0,6
Макс. скорость поражаемых целей (навстр./вдогон), м/с
Max veolicty of defeated target (approaching/receding) [m/s]
415/310 415/310 415/310 415/310
Скорость полета ЗУР, м/с
missile velocity [m/s]
517 517 517 517
Время реакции, с
Reaction time [s]
6,5 8,5 6,5 7,0
Масса ракеты, кг
Missile mass [kg]
40 40 40 42
Масса боевой части, кг
Warhead mass [kg]
3 3 3 5
Число ракет на боевой машине
Number of missiles on TELAR
4+4 4+4 4+4 4+4
Год принятия на вооружение
1976 1979 1981 1989


See details of BMD-4M: HERE



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