Danish Defense Ministry Backs Lockheed Martin Fighter Jet Purchase From US


18:01 28.04.2016

The Danish Defense Ministry’s special office for procuring new aircraft has delivered a final and comprehensive analysis, approving the purchase of a batch of Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth multirole fighters from the United States, local media said Thursday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The ministry office, which had spent some nine years studying and assessing Denmark’s options in renewing its aging fleet of F-16 fighter jets, has chosen Lockheed Martin Aeronautics-manufactured aircraft over Boeing’s Super Hornet fighters, the Radio24syv public broadcaster reported, citing various sources.

The ministry estimates that Denmark needs at least 28 new jets to keep an operational air force, according to the broadcaster. The total cost of the fleet upgrade may come to as much as 100 billion kroner (over $15 billion) per aircraft over the jets’ entire 30-year lifespan, including maintenance costs.

While the move had been endorsed by most parties in the Danish parliament, its cost has been criticized amid tightened welfare expenditure and reduced growth expectations.

Earlier in April, the Danish Parliament approved a decision to strengthen the country’s military commitment to the US-led counter-terrorist campaign in Syria and Iraq, with the country set to provide F16 jets, as well as transport aircraft and special forces, to the coalition.

Original post sputniknews.com


$15 billion per plane over 30 years must also have included the cost of aircraft so it is $500 million per year per plane!  Wow pretty steep to operate the F-35…..

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