Fears for 800 shipyard jobs if Tories cut back Navy frigates order

09:18, 23 Apr 2016 10:48, 23 Apr 2016  , Torcul Crichton

GMB Scotland warns that hundreds of Clyde shipyard jobs could be lost if Ministry of Defence order is not guaranteed in full.

A general view of the BAE shipyard in Govan.

MORE than 800 Clyde shipyard jobs could be lost if the Tories cut back an order for Navy frigates, trade unions have warned.

GMB Scotland yesterday said BAE Systems, who run the Scotstoun and Govan yards, had warned them there could be major job cuts if the Ministry of Defence order fewer than eight of the Type 26 ships.

Gary Smith, the union’s Scotland Secretary, said a “worst case scenario” could see 800 redundancies.

He added: “This would be a total betrayal of the workforce by a desperate Tory Government trying to shift the goalposts in the face of their failing economic stewardship.”

Smith said the number of frigates had already been cut from 13 to eight last year. He said it would be a “total betrayal” of the workers if the original order of 13 ships was not guaranteed in full.

BAE systems said they were working with the MoD to agree a “revised baseline” for the new ships.

Labour Shadow Defence Secretary Emily Thornberry and Glasgow South West SNP MP Chris Stephens told the Tories to honour their promises to the yards.

The MoD said they were committed to the Clyde and the Type 26 programme, and two new offshore patrol vessels would be built on the Clyde before work on the frigates began.



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