Indonesia Likely to Buy Over Dozen Russian Su-35 Fighter Jets – Rostec


10:08 21.04.2016(updated 10:25 21.04.2016)

Indonesia plans to buy up to 18 Russian Su-35 fighter jets.

KUALA LUMPUR (Malasya) (Sputnik) – Key decisions on the purchase of Russian Su-35 Flanker multirole fighters by Indonesia have been made and contract talks may start soon, a senior official from Russia’s Rostec state corporation said.

“Principle decisions have been made, we are expecting the start of talks,” Viktor Kladov, the head of Rostec’s International Cooperation Department, said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“We are looking forward to the visit of the Indonesian defense minister to Moscow to attend an international security conference. We will have a meeting on the sidelines of this conference, we are making progress in this direction,” Kladov said adding that the deal may involve up to 18 aircraft.

Russia has also started preliminary talks with Indonesia on the delivery of Russian Project 636 Varshavyanka diesel-electric submarines, Viktor Kladov said.

“Preliminary consultations are being held. Indonesia has strong interest in developing military-technical cooperation with Russia and we are already cooperating in all three areas – ground forces, air force and the navy. We are holding several consultations, including on this particular [Project 636] subject,” Kladov told RIA Novosti.

Russia’s improved Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines feature advanced stealth technology, extended combat range and the ability to strike land, surface and underwater targets.

In 2016, the Russian Black Sea Fleet will deploy six Project 636 Varshavyanka class submarines.

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Improved KILO class (pr. 636)

Type 636 is designed for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface-ship warfare (ASuW) and also for general reconnaissance and patrol missions. The Type 636 submarine is considered to be to be one of the quietest diesel submarines in the world. It is said to be capable of detecting an enemy submarine at a range three to four times greater than it can be detected itself.


The submarine has a launcher for eight Strela-3 or Igla surface-to-air missiles. These missiles are manufactured by the Fakel Design Bureau, Kaliningrad. Strela-3 (NATO Designation SA-N-8 Gremlin) has a cooled infrared seeker and 2kg warhead. Maximum range is 6km.

Igla (NATO designation SA-N-10 Gimlet) is also infrared-guided but heavier, with a maximum range of 5km and speed of Mach 1.65.

The vessels can be fitted with the Novator Club-S (SS-N-27) cruise missile system which fires the 3M-54E1 anti-ship missile. Range is 220km with 450kg high-explosive warhead.


The submarine is equipped with six 533mm forward torpedo tubes situated in the nose of the submarine and carries 18 torpedoes with six in the torpedo tubes and 12 stored on the racks. Alternatively the torpedo tubes can deploy 24 mines.

Two torpedo tubes are designed for firing remote-controlled torpedoes with a very high accuracy. The computer-controlled torpedo system is provided with a quick-loading device. The first salvo is fired within two minutes and the second within five minutes. Source

Interior of Improved KILO class (pr. 636) – проект 636 Варшавянка

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