Pakistan Air Force inducts third JF-17 squadron

Asian Defence News

April 14, 2016

The Pakistan Air Force inducted its third combat-coded JF-17 squadron, No. 2 squadron, at PAF Base Masroor on Apr. 11. The new unit will have a maritime strike role using the C-802A anti-ship missile.


C-802A anti-ship missile

63454_387605_699682C-802 anti-ship missile 

China in anti-ship missile field of technical advancement is very comprehensive. From subsonic anti-ship missiles to supersonic anti-ship missiles, from small anti-ship missiles to the large anti-ship missiles, everything in the world, is unique. In the export-oriented anti-ship missiles, the Chinese anti-ship missiles have been exported to more than ten countries and regions in the world, in Iran, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia and Bangladesh, China’s anti-ship missile has become the country’s anti-ship weapons platforms core. 8-35 km from the coast in the range, you can use C701/C704 and C802, such as several shore-ship / ship missiles for defense. For the 35-180 km wide targets, you can use C701/C704 – ship / air-ship missiles or C802/C802A and C602 missiles shore-ship / ship ship / air-ship missiles to attack. For from the coast 180-280 km wide targets, you can choose to use C704, C802/C802A-ship / air-ship missiles or C602-ship / shore-ship missiles hit.

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