Pakistan wants to upgrade JF-17 fighter with Thales’ Damocles targeting pod


Rapid Fire | Monday, April 11, 2016

Pakistan wants to upgrade its air force further, which may include Thales’ Damocles targeting pod for its latest JF-17 fighters. The request comes as it continues to battle Taliban militants in its northern regions, while also engaging in fighting against a separatist uprising on its border with Iran. At present, Islamabad is set to retire its older Dassault Mirage C-7 fighters, while its newer F-16s are only capable of precision targeting. Incorporating the third generation targeting pod on the JF-17 will allow the PAF greater flexibility in counter-terrorism operations, while not breaking the bank economically.

Defense Industry Daily


DAMOCLES – Multi-function Targeting pod

Multi-function pod with a laser designation function to provide a day/night smart weapons guidance capability as well as a full suite of sensors for navigation and airto-
air target identification roles.

Currently in service, combat proven and integrated on Mirage 2000, Mirage F1, RAFALE, SEM, SU-30, Tornado and Typhoon.

DAMOCLES – Multi-function Targeting pod



  • Compatible with laser guided weapons, INS/GPS guided missiles and imagery-guided weapons
  • Attacks in autonomous or cooperative mode, using integrated laser spot tracker and laser marker
  • Long range damage assessment capability
  • Target recognition capability
  • 3D localisation
  • Integrated navigation FLIR


  • Medium range day/night small targets reconnaissance Air-to-Air
  • Day/night visual airborne target identification


  • Powerful laser and high resolution imagery provide the aircraft with a stand-off range and tactical ground/air defence system survivability
  • Advanced technology featuring state-of-the-art staring array detector effective at long range
  • Robust new generation tracking systems
  • Superior image processing



  • 3rd generation detector
  • Spectral band: 3-5 μm
  • Field of View:

– Wide FoV: 4° x 3°

– Narrow FoV: 1° x 0.75°

– Electronic magnification: x2

Laser range-finding

  • Wavelength: 1.5 μm
  • Eye-safe

Laser designation

  • Wavelength: 1.06 μm
  • STANAG 3733

Laser spot tracker

  • Wavelength: 1.06 μm

Laser marker

  • Wavelength: 0.8 μm
fiches_damocles-gb_sans_repere-hdDAMOCLES – Multi-function Targeting pod

See details of JF-17: HERE



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