IAI and UVision Pitch LM’s to US Army

Apr 05, 2016 00:50 UTC by Defense Industry Daily staff

Two Israeli companies will offer their loitering munitions systems to the US Army’s Lethal Miniature Aerial Munition System (LMAMS) tender. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and UVision have recently developed Loitering Munitions (LM) systems, including the Green Dragon and Hero-30 respectively. The 4.5 kg Green Dragon is powered by electric motors operating four rotors, and carries an interchangeable day/night payload. It is armed with two hand grenade-size explosives. The smaller Hero-30 is a 3kg expendable munition carried in a canister that is also used as its pneumatic launcher, and is equipped with a day/night sensor and has an endurance of 30m.


Lethal Miniature Aerial Munition System (LMAMS) tender

According to a request for information (RFI) released in 2012, the army’s new system has to be capable of operating autonomously, semi-autonomously, or manually.

The operator will be able to select pre-determined targets using geo location references, and to visually select and identify targets of opportunity.

“LMAMS must have the ability to automatically lock on and track a stationary or moving target,” the RFI adds. “Once a target is selected by the operator in the terminal phase of an engagement, no further operator input shall be required.”

US companies that have indicated their intention to compete for LMAMS include AeroVironment, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Textron. Source flightglobal.com

UVision Hero-30

Asset Image

Man-pack portable, Hero 30 is the smallest system in the UVision family of smart loitering systems. Deployable within minutes, Hero 30 is capable of speeds of up to 100 knots and is ideal for anti-personnel missions.

Weight (kg): 3
Warhead (kg): 0.5
Range (LOS): 5, 10, 40 km
Endurance (min): 30
Engine: Electrical
Launch method: Canister

Source uvisionuav.com

IAI  Green Dragon

IAI’s family of LM’s is the Green Dragon – a tactical, affordable weapon which addresses the growing demand from military users for organic, persistent, situational- awareness diagnosis and rapid kinetic response. It is also suitable for small ground units and special operations forces, operating as an organic loitering weapon which enables both ISR and attack capabilities in short-response time. As an all-electric LM, Green Dragon operates silently for up to two hours, during which its operator can collect visual intelligence of surrounding areas up to a range of 40 km.

Green Dragon can locate and acquire targets and, upon a command from its operator, can dive on designated targets to impact and explode with an accuracy better than 1 meter (CEP). The operator can abort the attack any time before impact, through a built-in “abort and circle” capability, designed to prevent unnecessary collateral damage or mistaken targeting.

The Green Dragon weighs 15 kg. and uses an electro-optical ‘micropop’ EO/IR payload for surveillance, targeting and terminal homing. Its warhead weighs almost 3 kg. The Green Dragon is carried and launched from a sealed 1.7-meter-long canister that can be carried by a soldier in a backpack or stacked on a small vehicle in groups of 12-16 launchers. Upon launch, the weapon expands to a cruciform 1.7-meter-wide shape optimized for loitering and terminal dive. It is controlled from a tablet-sized control panel, through a tactical, low-power datalink. Source defense-update.com


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