South African Air Force retire some of its current Gripen or Hawk jet aircraft


Rapid Fire | Thursday, March 31, 2016

A weakening Rand, and a 10% defense budget cut may see the South African Air Force retire some of its current Gripen or Hawk jet aircraft . The defense cut coupled with the decrease in currency value has come as a double blow; affecting replacement parts for military jets as they are paid in either dollars, or in the case of the British built Hawks, in pound sterling. SAAF efforts to cut down on costs have seen five Hawk jets scrapped for parts, three of which were grounded after accidents. Furthermore, of the 24 Hawks initially acquired, there are only seven qualified pilots, while of the 26 Gripens in use (half of which are in storage), there are only five qualified pilots to operate the aircraft.

Defense Industry Daily


Sad another country going in the same direction as Argentina……

List of aircraft of the South African Air Force

Roundel of South African Air Force.svg

Aircraft Origin Role No used
Saab Gripen C and D Sweden Multirole fighter 26
British Aerospace Hawk Mk.120 UK/South Africa Trainer 24
Pilatus PC-7 Mk.II Switzerland Trainer 60
Atlas Oryx MK.I and MK.II South Africa Transport helicopter 39
Denel Rooivalk Mk.I South Africa Attack helicopter 11
MBB/Kawasaki BK 117 Japan/Germany Utility helicopter 3-6
Agusta A109LUH Italy Utility helicopter 29
Westland Super Lynx Mk.300 UK Maritime helicopter 4
Lockheed C-130BZ Hercules US Transport 9
Douglas C-47TP Dakota US Maritime patrol / transport / EW 10
Cessna 208B US Utility / observation 11
Beechcraft Super King Air 200/300 US Transport 4
Pilatus PC-12 Switzerland Transport 1
CASA C-212-200 & 300 Aviocar Spain Transport 4
Boeing 737 US Presidential transport 1
Dassault Falcon 900 France VIP transport 1
Dassault Falcon 50 France VIP transport 2
Cessna 550 Citation US VIP transport 2




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