Russian Armata Tanks to Get New Active Protection System with UV detectors

12:42 15.03.2016

Russian armored units based on the Armata Universal Combat Platform will get new upgraded active protection systems by the end of the year.

The new ultraviolet (UV) detectors soon to be installed on T-14 Armata battle tanks and T-15 Armata heavy infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) can detect rockets and grenades approaching from any direction, thus drastically improving the vehicles’ active protection systems’ efficiency.

“The UV detectors have already been installed both on the T-14 tank and on the T-15 IFV and are currently undergoing tests as part of the Afganit active protection system. We intend to complete the project by the end of the year,” a source in the Defense Ministry who is familiar with the issue told Izvestia newspaper.

The new detectors trace the UV photons in the trail of ionized air left by a rocket-propelled projectile. The system doesn’t just detect a rocket launch; it evaluates the projectile’s speed and trajectory, supplying the active protection system with all the data it requires to successfully intercept a threat.

According to the newspaper, the Afganit active protection system previously relied only on small radars installed on four sides of a vehicle to detect incoming projectiles. However, this radar system could theoretically be ‘confused’ by a large volley of shells, rockets and even fragments of debris flying around during a battle, or even suppressed by enemy electronic countermeasures. The addition of these new UV detectors, however, drastically improves Afganit’s efficiency, thus increasing a combat vehicle’s chances of survival during fighting.

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See details of Armata T-14: HERE

See details of Armata T-15: HERE

In addition to the new ultraviolet (UV) detectors it already possesses very impressive defense systems

The tanks are coated in a radar baffling paint, making them difficult to detect and target.

Russia also says the tanks use magnetic sensors to repel incoming anti-tank rockets.tank animated GIF

If a laser targets the tank, the Armata is capable of releasing a cloud of debris which tricks the incoming threat.tank animated GIF

The Armata is almost entirely covered in thick armor plates.The Armata is almost entirely covered in thick armor plates.

Footage from inside the tank shows touch screens and 360-degree view cameras.tank animated GIF

Additionally, the tanks software can set and track targets by itself, leaving the crew free to focus on other objectives.tank animated GIF

The first ever released footage of the tank firing shows the large cannon has surprisingly little recoil in the tank. (The Armata  T-14 will also be fitted with a larger 152mm gun)tank animated GIF

Posted by “A guide to Russia’s T-14 Armata tank” Alex Lockie Jan. 31, 2016 by Business Insider


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