Russia to ship first S-300 missile system to Iran in Aug-Sept: RIA cites official

According to Reuters 

Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:29am EST

The first delivery of Russia’s S-300 missile defense system to Iran will take place in August or September this year, RIA news agency on Friday quoted Sergei Chemezov, the head of Russia’s industrial conglomerate Rostec, as saying.

RIA quoted an unnamed source earlier as saying that first S-300 missiles would be shipped to Iran already in February.

(Reporting by Alexander Winning; Writing by Dmitry Solovyov)



5P85SE Launcher unit S-300PMU2 Favorit Gargoyle

5P85SE is the launcher unit S-300 PMU2

The 5P85SE is the launcher unit S-300 PMU2. The 5P85SE is an autonomous launcher vehicle. The more compact electronics package saw the removal of the large cabin used with the S-300PS/PMU 5P85S/SU TEL. The 5P85SE carries four missile silos (one missile by silo) mounted to the back side of the chassis. During launching the silos are drawn in vertical position, to the back side of the truck. The 5P85SE (5P85TE) launcher ensures the storage, transportation and launch of four 48N6E2 (48N6E) air defense missiles, kept in sealed canisters. The 5P85SE is based on an 8×8 chassis variant of MAZ- 7910, itself a derivative of the ByeloRussian MAZ-543/543M Uragan chassis series developed as the self propelled 9P117 TEL for the R-17/R-300 Elbrus / SS-1 Scud TBM.

Long range surface-to-air missile systems
Four missiles Fakel 48N6E2 or 48N6E,5V55R, 5V55K in individual container
Country users
Russia, China, Venezuela, Libya, Algeria.
High explosive ; fragmentation
Explosive load
180 kg
Weight missile
1.800 kg
Lenght missile
7,5 m
3 – 200 km
Guidance system
Command + active radar homing
Engagement radar 30N6E2, 64N6E2 acquisition radar or ST-68U Tin Shield – 5N66 Clam Sheel 40V6M, supported by a 54K6E2 command post and 83M6E2 command and control system. New option LEMZ 96L6 Cheese Board early warning and acquisition radar

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