The US Army has ordered 35 UH-60M helicopters

According to Defense Industry Daily

Thursday Mar 10, 2016 – 00:19 UTC
The US Army has ordered 35 UH-60M helicopters from Lockheed Martin’s subsidiary Sikorsky. Completion of the $387.2 million contract is expected for the end of December 2016, with work being carried out in Stratford, Connecticut. The award adds to a number of modification contracts for extra helicopters as the Army looks to increase its late-model helicopters for missions like armed reconnaissance and troop transport, medical evacuations, and search and rescue.


UH-60M BLACK HAWK Helicopter

Survivability and crashworthiness are not just attributes of the BLACK HAWK helicopter, they’re inherent to the design requirements of the U.S. Army. A strict military standard makes the BLACK HAWK aircraft a rugged and extremely durable helicopter that delivers enhanced safety. Safety that has been proven in real missions, around the world.

uh_60m_blackhawk_soar_v6_1-jpg414e3bdc-8e4c-4b05-a416-4bc51265877dlarge1@sikorsky.comUH-60M cockpit @defenceindustrydaily.comUH-60M rendered in fully armed version @sikorsky.comUH-60M Blackhawk UAE Army

Royal Thai Army UH-60M Special Forces Demo @MKT137 



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