Russian tank T-90 can defeat most of modern anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM)

According to Army Recognition

The T-90 main battle tank`s (MBT) protection package, which comprises both combined armour plates and Kontakt-5 (Contact V) explosive reactive armour (ERA) can defeat most of modern anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), according to the UralVagonZavod`s (UVZ) Deputy Director General, Vyacheslav Khalitov.

“The videorecords of combat actions in Syria in which Russian-produced MBTs participate, aparently demonstrate the high level of T-90`s survivability on the modern battlefield. In one case a T-90 tank was able to absorb a hit by a TOW 2 ATGM and to stay intact as Kontakt-5 turret element destroyed the missile”, Khalitov said.

In mid-February 2016, Free Syrian Army released the footage showed a TOW system firing at T-90 MBT. The missile hit the tank`s turret, but the explosion of a Kontakt-5 ERA element protected the vehicle and its crew. In this case, BGM-71D or BHM-71E anti-tank missiles (TOW 2 and TOW 2A, respectively; both are equipped with tandem warhead) are supposed to have been used against T-90.

The official BGM-71D/E armour-piercing capability reaches 920 mm of steel behind ERA. Nevertheless, several foreign experts have challenged the aforementioned data. Previously, Major General of the US Armed Forces, P. Gorman published the article “U.S. Intelligence and Soviet Armour”, declassified in 2004. He pointed out, that the armour-piercing capabilities of the early TOW/ITOW missiles (BGM-71A/B and BGM-71C) were significantly overestimated. So, the real combat effectiveness of TOW 2/TOW 2A missiles may be less impressive, than declared by the developer.

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TOW launcherBGM-71D/F TOW-2A

According to Sputnik 

Has Russia’s T-90 Tank Really Made TOW Missiles Obsolete in Syria?

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New Russian tanks sent to Syria have been able to survive hits from US-made TOW missiles, although their anti-missile counter-measures have yet to be seen in combat.

In a report on the new weapons deployed to the Syrian conflict, Robert Fisk drew attention to tank-based anti-missile systems, as well as night vision and reconnaissance systems.

The new tanks supplied to the Syrian army have the ability to deflect TOW-like missiles, although their full implementation has yet to be seen. A video released by rebels showed the T-90 surviving a hit by a TOW missile, but an open hatch prevented the deployment of an aerosol screen used to deflect such missiles before they reach the tank.

“Syrian officers have been shown how the new T-90 anti-missile system causes rockets to veer off course only yards from the tanks when fired directly at them,” Fisk wrote.

The video appears to be the manufacturer’s demonstration of the T-90’s Shtora system, mounted on a BMP-3. Images on social media have also shown what appears to be Arena-E radars mounted on Syrian equipment, although the radar by itself cannot deflect missiles without an aerosol screen and infrared beams which confuse the missile’s self-tracking.

When it comes to evidence of the system being used to save lives and equipment, video footage is less clear. A video from September 16 showed a TOW missile exploding prior to reaching its target.

The video has been criticized, however, as the flight time of the missile is over 22 seconds, which is the limit for TOW missile flight.

A more recent video showed the effect of a TOW-2A anti-tank guided missile on a T-90A tank, with the tandem warhead failing to penetrate the tank’s reactive armor.

The video cuts off before the aftermath of the explosion is seen, other than the gunner running out of the tank, apparently as a result of a concussion due to an open hatch.

The video also shows that the tank does not utilize the Shtora-1 system, perhaps automatically disabled due to the open hatch, as its infrared beams apparently remain unused, compared to the beams seen in the demonstration video. Operating tanks with the hatch open is a sort of conventional wisdom for operators of older tanks, as an open hatch allows for a faster escape from the tank.

It has, however, shown the T-90A superior in guided missile protection, compared to the Abrams tank, one of which was destroyed by Yemen’s Houthi militias using the outdated 9K111 Fagot ATGM. 

Source Sputnik

The following footage shows Saudi M1 in Yemen

M1 Abrams

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One thought on “Russian tank T-90 can defeat most of modern anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM)

  1. Jake

    TOW 2 (BGM-71D) doesn’t have a tandem warhead, only the TOW 2A (BGM-71E) does. The TOW 2 has just an enlarged single HEAT charge compared to the older TOW:s.



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