General Dynamics Land Systems has been awarded a $101.8 million modification contract for Stryker

General Dynamics Land Systems has been awarded a $101.8 million modification contract for Stryker garrison/deployment maintenance and field service representative support, with an estimated completion date of Feb. 28, 2019. The armored carrier has been subject to a spate of upgrade and upgunning announcements over the last few months, with a major $411 million upgrade program made last November. The modernization serves as a move to improve durability against IEDs and to increase its operational potential such as giving it anti-aircraft and anti-tank abilities to counter Russian and Chinese threats.



Stryker 8×8 with Kongsberg’s MCT30 Remote Turret: HERE

Stryker 8×8 armoured with 30mm cannon remote weapon station

One of the Army’s initiatives to counter Russia is upgunning its eight-wheel-drive Stryker with a 30 mm automatic cannon. The original intent was to destroy light armored vehicles like the Russian BMP — but that’s not the only application, argued Markowitz: “We start to get 30mm Stryker airburst munitions, that might have some air defense capability.” Source

Example of how Air Burst Munition works. The ABM is effective against a wide spectrum of threats including infantry fighting vehicles, field fortifications containing antitank guided missile systems and helicopters.

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