Russia unveils Su-30SME fighter export version at Singapore Airshow

According to TASS

February 18, 2016

Unlike the Su-30MKI fighter jet, the avionics suite mounted on the Su-30SME aircraft’s version lacks French-made components

© Lyubov Milovanova/TASS

MOSCOW, February 17. /TASS-DEFENSE/. Russia has unveiled the export version of the Sukhoi Su-30SME (NATO reporting name: Flanker-C) multipurpose fighter jet at the Singapore Airshow 2016, a source in the defense and industrial sector said.

“The Su-30SME aircraft [the export version of the Su-30SM fighter jet] has been shown on the international market for the first time,” the source said.

“Its development aims to offer foreign customers a fighter jet equipped with a Russian-made avionics suite,” the source added.

Unlike the Su-30MKI fighter jet, the avionics suite mounted on the Su-30SME aircraft’s version lacks French-made components, the source said.

Russian-made components for the Su-30SME fighter jet’s avionics suite have allowed enhancing the aircraft’s capabilities.

According to the source, Southeast Asian, Middle East and North African countries have already shown interest in the new fighter jet.

The Su-30SM (SM standing for serial-produced, upgraded) multipurpose fighter jet is designed both to gain air supremacy and attack ground and surface targets. The fighter jet has canards and engines with a controlled thrust vector, which makes the aircraft supermaneuverable.

The Su-30SM fighter jet is equipped with the Bars multipurpose control radar.

The fighter jet’s ammunition load comprises a wide range of munitions, including air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface precision guided weapons.

The Su-30SM fighter jet can be used to train pilots for future single-seat fighter jets. The Su-30SM fighter jet has been manufactured for the Russian Air Force since 2012.

Four Su-30SM batch-produced fighters (Russian Air Force modification) were supplied for Kazakh Air Force in 2015.

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Bars multipurpose control radar

N011M radar “Bars”

The use of radar control system RCS “BARS” is used in the modified multi-purpose aircraft export performance of the Su-30MKI and Su-30MKA, Su-30MKM contractual foreign customers. Modification “BARS-R” is set to Su-30cm for the Russian Air Force. BARS provides the following modes of combat employment: – discrete support, training, and at the same time pointing to the far dogfight managed by TSA “air-air” RVV-AE, 27R (ER) , 27T (ET), 72E during the shelling from the 1st to 4 aerial targets; – in the modes of close air combat to fire applied managed ASP “air-air” RVV-AE, 27R (ER), 27T (ET) 72E and SPM; – support (up to two land-based or marine purposes), training and guidance of a controlled TSA X-31A on marine purposes; – support, issuing a preliminary HQ in OEPrNK to bombard ground targets controlled TSA “air-land”, as well as AB unmanageable; – in the attack mode, a ground target simultaneous detection of air targets or firing at the far dogfight one goal in combined mode; – issuance information in ACS and SI for controlling the flight of the fighter in the attack in “air-air” modes, “air- sea ​​”and” air-land “; – assessment of equipment and weapons at all stages of land preparation and in flight; – delivery of information for registration parameters in objective control system (CRS); – work in conditions of organized (active and passive) interference, and support one pomehopostanovschika with carrying out attacks in the PPP and VSL. in conducting group activities provides a collection of information about the objectives and target designation (target allocation in the aircraft group) driven group of aircraft and the attack (combat use) each slave group on 4-ёm air targets or 1 . th ground (sea) targets Modernization On request in RCS “BARS” can be: – to change the diameter and the type of antenna (PAR – AFAR); – modified transmit power PCP = 1..5 kW .; – used to change the TSA ” The air – air “,” air – surface “as produced in Russia, and the production of foreign customers; – introduced modes of detection of dangerous meteorological formations. Source: (Google translated) Ruslan Fadeev

N011M radar “Bars”

Potential characteristics RCS “BARS” after this upgrade will come close to those of the fifth generation aircraft radar. This assumes: 
• A significant increase in the detection range of aerial targets. 
• Increasing the number of tracked and engaged targets in 1,5-2 times. 
• Improved performance in mapping mode of the detection range of ground targets and their resolution. 
• Increasing the number of unaccompanied ground targets – twice. 
• the introduction of new modes providing enhanced application features introduced in the RCS is at work in the “air-air” and “air-to-surface”, and the “new” modes (in particular: “meteolokatsii” mode , modes of active counter enemy pomehopostanovschikam). 
• Increased interaction with other avionics systems for the exchange of information support. 
• Expansion of the range of use of lethal force “air-air” and “air-to-surface”. 
• Increased capacity in the management of group activities as a part of aircraft Su-30MKI, and in “mixed” are constructed with other types of aircraft (MiG-29, Su-27, etc.). 
• Improved performance. 
• The introduction of new productive interface for communication with aircraft avionics. 
• Ensuring the possibility of independent modernization RCS Client, including the use of new means of destruction. 
• Increased reliability. EES

Ruslan Fadeev

Detection range –

Su-30SM/Su-30SM1: Details


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